Two “Heathers” Episodes Were Pulled In The Wake Of The Pittsburgh Mass Shooting

The show was initially canceled after the Parkland, Florida, mass shooting.

The TV show Heathers was again pulled from the air in response to another mass shooting, this time in Pittsburgh.

The modern reimagining of the 1988 cult classic film of the same name, Heathers was canceled indefinitely after the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida. But after being shopped around, Paramount Network chose to air all episodes of the series within a week. However, after the shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue on Saturday in which 11 people were killed, the network told BuzzFeed News that two episodes with an active shooter training storyline on Sunday were “pulled in deference to the Pittsburgh tragedy.”

Being that it is the second time Paramount Network has pulled episodes of the show, many have questioned why it chose to air them in the first place.

Frankly: Paramount Network's games with this show are disgraceful. If they produced a show that they refuse to stand by in times of tragedy, the attempt to sneak it onto air BETWEEN those times is reprehensible.

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Did the execs at the Paramount Network make a fucking blood deal when they made this show? Will a plague befall Viacom if they don't somehow get it on the air? Because that's literally the only explanation I have.

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If you make a show that is so offensive and poorly written that anytime something bad happens in real life you have to pull the show maybe just give up on the fucking show.

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Paramount Network will air the final two episodes of Heathers on Monday night as planned, with some scenes, like that of the high school blowing up, edited out, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Sunday night’s episodes that were pulled remain available via VOD and on Paramount Network’s website.

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