Yep, People Are Really Trying To Drag Beyoncé Into Beto O'Rourke's Loss And The Hive Won't Have It

Some people on social media are pointing fingers at Beyoncé for not endorsing O'Rourke quick enough, while her defenders say the voting statistics point to a different group to blame.

Three hours before polls closed in Texas, Beyoncé endorsed Texas Democrat Beto O'Rourke for Senate.

Via Twitter: @BetoORourke

And while some felt her endorsement came a little late, they were still happy to see the famous Texas native show up.

well, you heard her!! let's go texas!! vote @BetoORourke!! time to make @beyonce proud!!

Via Twitter: @tyleroakley

For the first time in history a surprise drop from Beyoncé was poorly timed.

Via Twitter: @KimberlyNFoster

That is until O'Rourke lost, and some alluded to Beyoncé's late showing of support as a factor.

Beyonce should have posted the Beto hat a week ago..

Via Twitter: @JustRyCole

Personally, I blame Beyoncé. Sis didn’t reveal her endorsement of Beto until the day of the election. Like sis... REALLY SIS

Via Twitter: @tigergood_s

Which really is not going over well.

blaming Beyoncé on Twitter but too afraid to confront your racist aunt at Thanksgiving smh that's sad

Via Twitter: @jpbrammer

Beto did not lose because of Beyoncé. Log out and put your phone down. Thanks. Goodnight.

Via Twitter: @prasejeebus

Especially since a graphic of CNN's still-developing exit poll is reporting well over half of white women voters in Texas voted for Cruz.

Who is organizing the white women? Because, sheesh.

Via Twitter: @deray

So many feel it is out of place to blame a black woman over all those white voters.

it’s not Beyoncé’s fault Beto lost, we know who she voted for. if you wanna blame someone, blame white people who continue to vote for republicans bc they don’t care about the lives they’re putting at stake by voting for bigots.

Via Twitter: @pettyblackgirI

apparently 59% of white women in Texas voted for Ted Cruz and white people are on here talking about what Beyoncé should have done to your relatives.

95% of black women voted for Beto over Cruz. Now is not the time for white men to be blaming black women for Beto’s loss. Maybe let’s talk about how white men and women voted overWHELMINGly for Cruz? You’ve done awesome work, but this is not the move

Via Twitter: @spxncxrx

Beyoncé is not the first celebrity taking some blame for the defeat of the candidate they endorsed.

Conservatives are harassing Taylor Swift after her push to elect Tennessee Democrat Phil Bredesen for Senate fell short.

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