“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” Fans Are Shook After The Hitchcock And Scully Flashback Episode

Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans are looking at Hitchcock and Scully a little differently after Thursday’s episode.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has taken a lot of turns, but on Thursday’s episode, “Hitchcock and Scully,” the show revealed one of its most surprising twists yet.

🚨 SPOILER ALERT! 🚨 33 years ago, in a precinct close, close by... #Brooklyn99

SPOILER ALERT: Young Hitchcock and Scully were hot, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans don’t know how to react.

Is that supposed to be young Scully and hitcoock cuz #Brooklyn99

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Me watching the new #Brooklyn99 ep: don’t be attracted to young scully and hitchcock don’t be attracted to young scully and hitchcock don’t be attracted to young scully and hitchcock don’t be attracted to young scully and hitchcock don’t-

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young hitchcock and scully that’s it that the tweet #Brooklyn99

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Like, do Young Hitchcock and Scully deserve a spinoff now?

Cancel Young Sheldon and make Young Hitchcock & Scully immediately. #Brooklyn99

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Hitchcock and Scully could have their own spinoff with absolutely 0 plot development and I would still watch #Brooklyn99

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When BuzzFeed News talked to actors Dirk Blocker and Joel McKinnon Miller, who play Hitchcock and Scully, respectively, in December, Blocker said finding out that the young duo were studs came as a surprise.

“See, we’ve done flashbacks before and the joke was always, ‘They look exactly the same, but he’s got a little more hair, he’s got whatever darker, no gray,’ or whatever, but they still look exactly [the same], it’s so weird,” Blocker said. “So for them to have gone the way they went was I thought — I think it’s brilliant.”

When asked if they had any input in casting the younger versions of their characters, McKinnon Miller said it was the work of the writing team led by creator Dan Goor.

“No, that was all their imagination,” he said.

Once studs always studs👍🏻 #Brooklyn99

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