"The Big Bang Theory" Is Coming To An End In May 2019

As the current No. 1 sitcom in the world and longest-running multi-camera series in TV history, the CBS comedy is going out...with a bang.

The massive CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory will be ending in May 2019 after its 12th season, the network announced Wednesday.

In a joint statement, the network, studio, and producers of the show thanked fans for the incredible success of the show and promised an “epic creative close.”

Series co-creator Bill Prady tweeted his own feelings on the news, saying, "I will treasure my Big Bang family to the end of my days."

There are many ways to look at the dozen years of Big Bang Theory as we draw to a close, but for me it will be the family that gathered each week to create a true labor of love. I will treasure my Big Bang family to the end of my days.

And while some reveled in the show's imminent end...

The bang in The Big Bang Theory is the sound of a self-inflicted gunshot when you watch the show

Via Twitter: @weismanjake

im so fucking ready for people to stop asking me if i watch the big bang theory. thank god. thank fuck

Via Twitter: @doodlemancy

Sex is good but have you ever gotten the news that The Big Bang Theory is ending?

Via Twitter: @ImAaronJ

... the show's steadfast fans quickly took to social media to mourn the news.

Via Twitter: @coolghost101

So sad to hear this season will be the last for #bigbangtheory. I hope it gets reruns forever @missmayim @kunalnayyar

Via Twitter: @KeeshTheSweesh

Just found out the big bang theory is filming its final season and im so sad 😭

Via Twitter: @Hayley_selcraig

The final season of The Big Bang Theory will premiere on CBS Sept. 24.

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