50 Cent Mocked Terry Crews' Sexual Assault Testimony And People Are Not Having It

Terry Crews alleged that a high-powered Hollywood agent groped him, and that he's been getting industry pressure to drop the case.

Hours before Terry Crews testified about his personal experience with sexual assault to the US Senate on Tuesday, rapper 50 Cent mocked the actor's story in a now deleted Instagram.

50 Cent's post did not go over well online. Russell Simmons, who Crews said asked him to take back his assault accusation against WME agent Adam Venit, commented on the rapper's post with "😂."

shit like this is the reason men don’t come forward as victims of sexual assault often. 50 Cent is publicly mocking Terry Crews, allowing Russell Simmons (friends with Crews’ abuser who tried to get him to drop the charges) to openly laugh at him. https://t.co/J16TUvDUYi

Via Twitter: @wslymcln

50 Cent to me will always be that guy who leaked that woman's sex tape, and he doesn't really do much that might change my perception of him for the better. In fact, this is what he does do: https://t.co/929puMQHVa

Via Twitter: @forsorrows

Why havent y’all cancelled 50 cent yet? He has all the money in the world, does no good for the world and continues to use his platform to bully people. Problematic to the max.

Via Twitter: @destineybleu

Toxic masculinity is what is doing @50cent instead of showing support to @terrycrews he is mocking him. Childish.

Via Twitter: @kelechnekoff

Rather than take the controversial post down on Tuesday, 50 Cent initially posted two more posts on Instagram mocking Crews, and then deleted all three controversial posts, and posted a video of Crews' reaction to his jeering.

The rapper also put up an Instagram Wednesday morning of him sleeping with a caption that joked he's recovering from having his "sense of humor removed," and that his publicist told him, "if you see any journalist play DEAD."

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Simmons for comment.

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