Video Captures Massive Crowd Paying Tribute To Victims Of Colombia Plane Crash

Facebook Live broadcast the large crowd that showed up to the club Atlético Nacional in Colombia for a tribute to the victims of the Chapecoense plane crash.

A video shared on Twitter showed the massive crowds that showed up Wednesday night to a tribute to the victims of the plane crash that killed several Chapecoense players at the Atanasio Giradot stadium in Medellín, Colombia.

En vivo las afueras del Atanasio Girardot. Increíble gesto de acompañamiento y amor por las víctimas del…

"Live outside the stadium Atanasio Girardot. An incredible gesture of companionship and love for the victims of @ChapecoenseReal #FuerzaChape"

The tribute to Chapecoense by the Atlético Nacional Club was broadcast live on Facebook this Wednesday night.

Facebook: vinicius.nobrega.3

"As a city, we are offering a humble tribute in the Atanasio Girardot stadium to the Chapecoense legend."

In the comments section, hundreds of Brazilians praised the club's event.

At the same time, in Brazil, hundreds of fans came together in the Condá Arena, in Chapecó, to sing and celebrate the team.

Direto de Chapecó, a homenagem dos torcedores. #ForçaChape

Live from Chapecó, a tribute of the fans

The images were taken by Tatiana Farah, a reporter from BuzzFeed News BR reporting from Chapecó.

The fans of "Chape" saw the video made by Atlético Nacional and were touched.

Torcedores do Atlético de Medellín gravaram um vídeo de 29 segundos para os torcedores do Chapecoense. Foi só emoçã…

Atlético de Medellin fans recorder a 29 sec video for Chapecoense fans. It was just emotion.

From the middle to the end of the ceremony in the stadium in Medellín, the Brazilian chancellor José Serra was invited to say a few words, and he gave a speech to thank the support of the Colombian people. He was followed by numerous local authorities who highlighted the importance of the support from Brazil.

Serra disse, em espanhol, que o Brasil "nunca esquecerá a atitude do Atlético Nacional"

Serra said [Brazil foreign ministry], in Spanish, that Brazil "will never forget Atlético Nacional gesture"

The president of the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL), Alejandro Dominguez, ended his speech by saying: "Today and forever, we are all 'Chapecoenses'."

See Serra's speech here:

Palabras de Jose Serra, Ministro de Relaciones exteriores de Brasil #FuerzaChapecoense.

"Words by Jose Serra, Brazil's Minister of Foreign Affairs #FuerzaChapecoense."

And here is the speech by the coach of Atlético Nacional, Reinaldo Rueda:

"Desse fútbol que hizo Chapecoense, que hace el Atlético Nacional, do cual hemos nutrido, hemos aprendido"

See part of the tribute by the team's fans in the Atanásio Girardot stadium here:

Colombianos cantando a música da Chape. Talvez a demonstração mais linda de carinho, respeito e irmandade que vocês…

Colombians sing Chape song. Maybe the most beautiful demonstration of affection, respect and brotherhood you will ever see. Spectacular!

On Twitter, people praised the "greatness" of Atlético Nacional and said that, as of now, they would be rooting for the team.

Daqui a duas semanas o @nacionaloficial vai disputar o Mundial de Clubes. E terá 200 milhões de novos torcedores.

In two weeks @nacionaloficial will play the Mundial de Clubes. And it will have 200 million new fans.

[ps: 200 million is the Brazilian population]

Para a gente, brasileiro, que gosta tanto de discutir qual time é "grande", o @nacionaloficial estabelece um novo parâmetro de grandeza.

For us, Brazilians, that like so much to discuss which team is "big", the @nacionaloficial establishes a new size parameter.

Impossível não se emocionar com esse ato dos colombianos. A minha fé na humanidade se renovou com eles. Comovente demais. 💚

"The worst that can happen to a society is to be indifferent. And we are not", said the Medellín mayor.

It is impossible not to be touched with this gesture of the Colombians. My faith in humanity got renewed with them. Super heart moving.

Em dezembro eu vou acordar cedo no domingo e torcer igual um fdp pelo @nacionaloficial na disputa do Mundial Interclubes

In December I will wake up early on Sunday and cheer as a son of a bitch for @nacionalofical on the Mundial Interclubes

Já não se sabe mais onde acaba Medellín e começa Chapecó.

We can't say anymore where Medellín ends and Chapecó begins



This post was translated from Portuguese.

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