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Arab Twitter Has A Lot To Say About The Growing Saudi Arabia-Iran Rift

One group even started a hashtag "Give_me_my_phone_back_Khameni."

Last updated on January 4, 2016, at 12:29 p.m. ET

Posted on January 4, 2016, at 12:29 p.m. ET

Iranian women protest the execution of a prominent Shiite cleric by Saudi Arabia.
Atta Kenare / AFP / Getty Images

Iranian women protest the execution of a prominent Shiite cleric by Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia’s announcement that it would break diplomatic relations with Iran has led to series of reactions, including decisions by Bahrain, Sudan and the UAE to also sever or downgrade relations with the Islamic Republic.

On social media, reactions from the Arab world showed support for Saudi Arabia's decision to execute the Shiite cleric while others made jokes about a photo taken during the ransacking of the Saudi embassy in Tehran in reaction to the execution.

#صباحكم_سعودي خطوة ممتازة قطع العلاقات السعودية الايرانية ..سلمان ما بيهزرش

"Breaking Saudi-Iranian diplomatic ties is an excellent step. Salman is not kidding."

#السعوديه_تقطع_علاقتها_بايران لا يكفي العلاقات الدبلوماسية بل عليها وقف رحلات السعودية وناس وعدم هبوط شركات الطيران الايرانية في السعودية

"Breaking diplomatic ties is not enough. Saudi trips have to stop and Iranian flight companies should not be allowed to land in Saudi."


Things picked up and people started calling for boycotting of Iranian products:

كل ريال، درهم، دينار يدخل خزينة إيران مصدره دولنا، سيعود علينا مؤامرة وقتل وتفجير إما في دولنا أو يتأذى منه مسلم! #مقاطعة_المنتجات_الإيرانية

"Every riyal, every dirham that enters Iran's safe is originated by our countries. The money will return to us as a find of a conspiracy or killing or bombing either in our countries or ones that would harm Muslims."

Some even called for a unified Arab position in the face of Iran.

وين العروبه و الدم الواحد # قاطعوا إيران قاطعوا المنتوجات الايرانيه # هبوا ياعرب قاطعوا دولة الاٍرهاب الدول العربيه تقطع العلاقات مع ايران

"Where is pan Arab Nationalism? The blood is one. Boycott Iran, boycott Iranian products. Come on Arabs, boycott the state of terrorism. Arab countries to sever ties with Iran."

لن ننسى سعود الفيصل -رحمه الله- أثناء الغزو العراقي عندما قال : الكويت سترجع رغم أنف صدام حسين .. #نطالب_الكويت_بقطع_العلاقات_الايرانيه

“We will not forget the late Saud Faisal during the invasion of Iraq when he said Kuwait will return despite Saddam. We call on Kuwait to sever ties with Iran,” Bin Khaled wrote from Kuwait.

أيران . تدق طبول الحرب السعوديه . تتأهب وتتحدى الأرهاب مصر . الشعب وقائدها " مسافه السكه " القائد : لن ننسى أصدقائنا

“Iran is drumming for war, Saudi is preparing and challenging terrorism, Egypt, the people and the leader, are a stone throw away. The (Egyptian) leader: We will not forgot our friends,” tweeted Misr Shaab from Egypt.


Meanwhile, a group of users started a hashtag “#Give_me_my_phone_back_Khameni” after a photo emerged on social media showing a man holding a telephone set during the ransacking of the the Saudi embassy building in Tehran on Sunday.

#حملة_رجع_تلفوننا_ياخامئني صعلوك إيراني فرحان بسرقة تلفون من السفاره السعوديه تلفون عاد !!

“An Iranian tramp is happy by phone was stolen from the Saudi embassy.”

بصراحه لازم نشتكيههم للامم المتحده سرقوا تلفوننا يلد #حمله_رجع_تلفوننا_ياخاميني 👇👇👇👇للمتعه👇👇👇👇

“Honestly, we should complain to UN they stole our phone.”


Not everyone was amused with Saudi Arabia, however. There was also huge opposition to the actions of the Saudi government and the regimes that supported it.

[قصة قطع العلاقات مع ايران] السعودية قطعت علاقتها مع ايران فقطع طفلها البحريني وخادمها السوداني العلاقات مع ايران

“Saudi cut diplomatic ties with Iran, so did its infant Bahrain and its Sudanese servant.”

خلاص يا زول البترودلار قرب ينتهي ابحث عن سيد غير #آل_سعود ليستعبدوك #النظام_السعودي_سرطان_الدول_الاسلامية

“Petrodollars are coming to an end Sudanese brother, search for another master to make you his servant.”

يجب حذف مفردات العمالة والسادية والدموية والسفالة والإرهاب من اللغة العربية واستبدالها بمفردة واحدة 'السعودية' فقد أبدع آل سعود بتطبيقها

“Terms such as espionage, sadism, bloody, terrorism should be omitted from the Arabic language and replaced with one term Saudi, the Al Saud family have excelled at it.”