People Are Really Mad Because ClassPass Just Dramatically Raised Their Prices

"Well @classpass was my favorite part about NYC and now it's dead to me."

For the second time in a year, ClassPass has raised their prices. This time, the increase was from $125 a month to $190 a month in the New York metro area. That's a 52% price increase this time, and a 90% price increase over the past year. And not surprisingly, people are pissed.

For many, ClassPass was an affordable multi-gym studio membership...

And what once was a beacon of hope for those who wanted to get fit is...just not anymore.

@classpass the math doesn't work anymore... #herotozero

A lot of customers are having trouble seeing the benefit of it anymore.

.@classpass you keep raising prices but don't offer reasons to stay. How do you see this working for your members??

Especially those who have been with the service since it was $99 a month.

@classpass %90 price increase with zero incentive to keep the membership is NUTS! byeee!

New York members are angry.

Getting that #ClassPass price increase notification like


New Yorkers getting that Classpass email:

Like, breakup-level angry.

How is it possible that @classpass is upping their prices again? Didn't we just do this? I never thought I'd say this but I'm leaving you.

A lot of members are saying they won't be using ClassPass once their billing cycle ends.

Thank you @classpass for making exercise a privileged activity. Ur prices were steep to begin w, but I cant live in NYC & still afford this

That this was the last straw.

Well @classpass was my favorite part about NYC and now it's dead to me.

Because a literal luxury gym, Equinox, costs the same amount.

goodbye @classpass. increasing the monthly price by $100?! i'm better off re-joining equinox.

Basically, people said this is what it seems like ClassPass thinks they are all doing.

Sure @classpass, I'll pay $190 a month for unlimited, and then go bathe in my money filled golden bathtub while sipping Dom.

ClassPass also announced it is now offering lower-tier memberships, where members can take 5 or 10 classes a month. Those prices are $75 and $125 respectively, for existing members.

The $190 membership is for the unlimited membership, a ClassPass spokeswoman said in a press release shared with BuzzFeed News. Existing members will switch over to the 10-class option, unless they decide to stay an unlimited member.

In response to the complaints, the co-founder and CEO of ClassPass said in a statement to BuzzFeed News that the company had to "adjust prices in order to create long-term sustainability."

"We've also realized that a one-size-fits-all membership is not diverse enough to serve all of our members' unique needs, which is why we have decided to roll out new plans," Payal Kadakia said. "We wanted an easier entry point for new users who have an appetite for boutique fitness as well as the ability to keep offering an exceptional experience to those who love our unlimited product."

But for many people, this might be the end for them and ClassPass.

Truly am going to miss the studios I've come to love but I can't justify supporting a company who consistently raises prices, @classpass.

It was cool while it lasted.

But now it's over.

.@classpass you want to raise memberships from $99 > $125 > $190 in less than a year?!

In conclusion, this is how a lot of people are feeling right now.

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