23 Reasons Sasha And Malia Stole The Inauguration

They're basically America's awesome kid sisters, and the inauguration was their day to shine.

1. Because Sasha and Malia entered wearing these monochromatic color schemes and being the most awesome teens in America.

2. Because Malia danced on stage.

3. And popped-and-locked it.

4. "Hi, haters."

5. Because it was adorable when lil' sis Sasha leaned on her big sis's shoulder...

6. And because Sasha has a cool turtle phone case.

7. Because the two took SELFIES together (JUST LIKE US).

8. And Sasha made this face in one pic...

9. And then they made THESE FACES while Malia gave the peace sign.

10. "One sec, Mom, I'm sending a Snapchat to HillyClints16."

11. Because Sasha did this little chair dance...

12. Which made both the girls crack up.

13. And then THIS AMAZING MOMENT HAPPENED, when Malia expertly photobombed her sister's photo of her parents kissing.

14. Because during the speeches, Sasha was like, "I've heard this a million timess, Dadddddd."

15. And they both were like, "Hey, can we go to the mall tomorrow?"

16. Because Sasha threw Malia and Michelle some shade...

17. And Malia made this face, probably when she saw Al Roker and remembered what he did in their house.

18. Because at one point Sasha and Malia looked bored (probably during the POET).

19. Because they laughed with their cousin who has a cool haircut:

20. Because Malia kissed her dad in front of the whole world even though it's against teen code.

21. And Sasha did the same, even though it's against TWEEN code.

22. And now dads everywhere will be showered with kisses because it's cool.

23. So congrats to Sasha and Malia for being awesome and remaining cool even when this happened:

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