Harry Takes Manhattan: A Look Inside Harry Styles’s Fan Culture

Here’s what we learned from Harry Styles superfans — and what they wore to his residency.

Fans wait on line outside Madison Square Garden

NEW YORK CITY — Several thousand colorfully dressed and delighted Harry Styles fans descended on Midtown Manhattan on Saturday to visit Harry’s House (aka Madison Square Garden), for the first of 15 performances by the global pop superstar.

Styles, who has topped the charts and graced the covers of magazines from Vogue to Rolling Stone, is as known for his eye-catching fashion as he is for his music, with GQ recently crowning him a “Date-Night Style God.” Consequently, Styles fans, who are often called “Harries” and “Stylers” depending on who you ask, have been known to bring their fashion A game to the artist’s shows. It’s not just a concert when Harry comes to town — it’s an event.

“He makes everyone feel very comfortable with themselves. I know he’s really helped me with that and everyone around me,” said Hannah Kunkiewicz, a fan from New Jersey. “I think he is very good at expressing himself, and I feel it just reflects on other people.”

Kunkiewicz summed it up: “Harry’s fans are hardcore.”

Two colorfully dressed women, one wears a tiara that reads "It's my fucking birthday"

Music fandom is not new and exists across genres, from punk to hip-hop, and certain groups have elicited strong fandom, from the Beatles to BTS and, oh yeah, Styles's former band, One Direction. No matter what genre, fans of an artist express their support through how they dress and a sense of community. For Styles’s fans specifically, the community is most certainly going strong and includes many enthusiasts of all ages, ethnicities, and genders around the world.

“The fans are so supportive and nice. We are all looking after each other,” fan Anvitha Jalagam, of New Jersey, said. “I think it’s very important for people from our generation to have someone to look up to.”

Around the Garden, fans sported multiple hues of bright colors, with Styles devotees showing off everything including their Harry-influenced tattoos, makeup, hats, shirts, and homemade signs.

It’s common at his shows to see the phrase “Treat People With Kindness” incorporated into fan fashion. That phrase was born from a pin Styles would wear on his guitar strap in 2017 and was then used for official Harry Styles T-shirts.

A woman wears a shirt that reads "Treat People With Kindness"

“I’d be driving or something and see someone in one, and I started feeling like, ‘Oh this is a bit of a thing,’” Styles himself said in 2019. After it caught on with fans, the singer adopted it as a slogan and released “Treat People With Kindness” as a single off his second album, Fine Line.

“I look up to Harry because I think his music saves a lot of people, and it definitely did that for me,” Iowa resident Aubrey Williams said. “A lot of his music, people can relate to and [it helps] them know that they are not alone wherever they are going through.”

A woman wears a cowboy hat decorated with sequins and gemstones that spell "HS"
A woman sit on the ground, surrounded by Styles fans waiting to get into Madison Square Garden
A close up of a woman's Harry Styles-themed tattoos, and a fan holds a Harry Styles pillow
A woman shows her eye lids that are decorated with sequins
A woman wearing a vibrant outfit stands in front of the entrance to Pennsylvania Station
A woman wearing a denim jumpsuit decorated with rhinestones that spell HS
Two women apply makeup while standing in line in front of Madison Square Garden
Colorfully decorated fans wait in line
A woman with a vibrant orange outfit, heart-shaped sunglasses, and rings that spell "MW" stands in front of a hot dog cart
A young woman with pink heart-shaped sunglasses, another with moon and star-shaped eye glitter
Two women with "HS" spelled out in rhinestones on their pants
Two images: A woman shows her pink cowboy hat with "HS" written on it. Another woman sits on a plastic road barrier while a cab driver makes a heart sign with his hands at the camera
A woman wears a cowboy hat with a small Harry Styles bobblehead glued to the top
Two images: a woman with a temporary tattoo that reads "I heart Harry," and a middle-aged man with a shirt that reads "Dads heart Harry too"
A man with a tiny yellow bowler hat, sparkly orange vest, and binoculars waits in line outside Madison Square Garden
A man walks in front of Madison Square Garden at night where a sign advertising Harry Styles' tour is visible

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