This High-Impact Fitness Gear Is Surprisingly Small-Space Friendly

After years of trial and error, I am pleased to report that pretty much all my workout gear fits into a small basket.

Despite genuinely enjoying working out, I am still extremely gym-averse. I’ll hit a pilates class on the weekends, but now that we are in the midst of the bleak dead of winter and temperatures have plummeted, I’m all about a exercising at home. There’s nothing better than sneaking in a quick lunchtime workout without having to step foot outside. 

Having a few workout essentials at home can make all the difference between feeling motivated to work out or skipping it. But it can be hard to know exactly what equipment you need to get a good sweat without turning your entire living room into a home gym.

It’s especially challenging when you live in a small space, like I do. I can’t stand mess or clutter and have always been determined to limit my workout gear to a small footprint. After years of trial and error, I am pleased to report to report that pretty much all my gear fits into a small basket. For me, this means a couple of light weights, bands, ankle weights, a yoga mat and a kettlebell or two. 

Below, I’ve rounded up the best small-space exercise gear for every kind of workout at a range of price points. Pick up a few of these essentials for yourself so you can stay on top of your regime without having to brave the bitterly cold outdoors.

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Gaiam yoga mat

A set of resistance bands

Pilates bar and bands kit

Bala bangles

An under-the-desk walking pad

JumpSport 350/370 Pro mini trampoline

Mini stair stepper with resistance bands

Perfect Pushup handles

A high-tech jump rope

Peloton stationary bicycle

Amazon Basics Neoprene dumbbells set

A door anchor strap for resistance bands

An under-desk elliptical

An Ab Roller wheel kit

A tube bands set

Sportneer adjustable ankle weights

Vinyl coated kettlebells

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