6 Reasons You'll Love Disney's "Frozen" Musical

Yes, you've heard "Let It Go" 8 million times — but have you heard it belted from a Broadway stage?

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1. Anna and Elsa are perfectly cast.

2. The whole cast is great, actually.

3. They got the sidekicks right.

4. The score includes some serious new bops.

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Like many modern Disney movies, the Frozen film has some great songs — but not enough for a full-length stage musical. Oscar-winning songwriting team Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez (the youngest EGOT-er ever!) returned to write brand new songs, including Elsa's 11 o'clock number, "Monster," which I have listened to on repeat so many times that I may require an intervention. It may not have the soaring "I Want" song appeal of "Let It Go," but it's also dangerously catchy — and dark in a way that Disney often shies away from. The other highlights include the very sweet "True Love," sung by a nearly frozen Anna, and "Hygge," a thoroughly delightful second-act opener that celebrates the Danish concept of aggressive coziness.

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5. It feels queerer than ever.

6. That Disney magic is real.

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