Every Stephen King Reference In “Castle Rock”

Hulu’s new series Castle Rock is chock full of Easter eggs. How many did you catch? Now updated through the season finale. (Warning: Spoilers ahead.)

Opening titles

Pages from Needful Things

Volumes of The Green Mile

A page from 'Salem's Lot and the number 19

A map of Stephen King locations

Clipping from Dolores Claiborne

Pages from The Shining

Clipping from Misery

Clipping from Cujo

Map of Shawshank State Prison and Jack Torrance’s writing

Room 217

Clipping from It

Another clipping from The Shining

Episode 1, “Severance”

Shawshank State Prison

Richard Chambers from The Body

Alan Pangborn

Episode 2, “Habeas Corpus”

“Remember the dog?”

“The strangler?”

“1961. It was the fall after they found that boy’s body out by the train tracks.”

Newspaper clippings

The Mellow Tiger


Episode 3, “Local Color”

Psychic bond

Episode 4, "The Box"

The Desjardins family

Episode 5, "Harvest"

The Hadley connection

Another Gordie

Serial killers and psychopathic dogs

Jack(ie) Torrance

What the Kid hears

The "shining"

Episode 6, "Filter"

A familiar face

Juniper Hill Psychiatric Hospital

Other worlds than these

Episode 7, "The Queen"

Ruth channels Carrie

Episode 8, "Past Perfect"

The BTK Killer

Jackie channels Jack Torrance

Episode 9, "Henry Deaver"

Another Carrie connection

Claiborne Creamery

Episode 10, "Romans"

A door between worlds

Our name is... Legion?

Jackie channels Jack Torrance again — and maybe Paul Sheldon

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