Miami Marlins Star Giancarlo Stanton Went Bonkers During The Home Run Derby

One of those baseballs is still waiting to land, probably.

Miami Marlins star Giancarlo Stanton won Monday night's MLB Home Run Derby, finishing with a total of 61 home runs.

Stanton hit one ball 497 feet, making it "the longest home run EVER" tracked by MLB's Statcast. Stanton's longest regular-season home run in 2016 was 475 feet.

Stanton's fastest exit velocity (how fast the ball traveled as he hit it off the bat) reached 120 mph, reaching a maximum 497 feet. All said, Stanton hit over 5 miles worth of home runs (that doesn't include his long outs).

Jaw-dropping power 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱. @tmobile #HRDerby

No one else even came close to that velocity and distance. However, the Orioles' Mark Trumbo, who faced Stanton in the semifinals, managed to hit a dinger off the enormous scoreboard at Petco Park.

Pretty much everyone went nuts while watching Stanton, but especially other MLB players, who were probably glad he wasn't hitting monster dingers against their teams...Monday night, anyway.

Look at Stanton's biceps...look at those that real life? #HomerunDerby #AllStarGame

Nice of @Giancarlo818 to give the kids in the OF a break. #HRDerby #ASG #NL

I think those kids in the outfield might need more protection than a mere glove with @Giancarlo818 hitting 😳

Congrats to Stanton, and thanks for all the dingers.

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