Johnny Manziel Dropped By Second Agent

The agent told a satellite radio show that "it's imperative" for the former Browns quarterback to stop partying and get help.

Former Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel has been dropped by NFL super-agent Drew Rosenhaus, ESPN's Adam Schefter reported Tuesday.

Manziel was dropped by his first agent, Erik Burkhardt, in February before he was released by the Browns in March. Not long after, Rosenhaus was hired.

But last week, Rosenhaus told Schefter he had given Manziel an ultimatum: Either get treatment take "necessary steps to get his life back on track," or he'd be dropped permanently.

Manziel instead spent the weekend with friends at Coachella.

Appearing on a SiriusXM show Wednesday night, Rosenhaus called Manziel's situation "life-or-death."

"Right now, I believe for him to have a chance to have a successful life, forget football for a moment, I think it's imperative for him to get help," Rosenhaus said. "I'm taking a stand here purely to help this man. I got involved with the idea that I'd be able to make a difference, and l'm really grasping at straws. This is the last thing I can do."

Nike also confirmed to ESPN that the 23-year-old was no longer an endorser for the brand.

Manziel, meanwhile, is also awaiting the result of a grand jury hearing in Dallas regarding allegations by his ex-girlfriend that he assaulted her at a hotel and in her car in January.

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