Every NASCAR-Sanctioned Speedway Will Ask Fans To Leave Confederate Flags At Home

NASCAR called it an "unprecedented collaboration among the tracks that host its national series events."

NASCAR has received full cooperation with its industry members — the governing bodies of its affiliated speedways — in its decision to request fans "refrain from displaying the Confederate Flag" at NASCAR events, they announced in a press release today.

The industry members "are committed to providing a welcoming atmosphere free of offensive symbols," according to the release.

"This is an opportunity for NASCAR Nation to demonstrate its sense of mutual respect and acceptance for all who attend our events while collectively sharing the tremendous experience of NASCAR racing."

The full list of signatories includes the International Speedway Corporation, Speedway Motorsports Inc., and eight other independent speedways.

On June 23, NASCAR released a statement on the representation of the Confederate Flag at its events: "NASCAR will continue our long-standing policy to disallow the use of the Confederate Flag symbol in any official NASCAR capacity."

Fans will have the option to exchange a Confederate Flag for an American flag at this weekends's Daytona events, the speedway announced earlier this week.

According to NASCAR.com, Dale Earnhardt Jr. spoke out about the Confederate Flag at NASCAR events last week:

"I've made my comments about the Confederate flag several times, and I stand behind NASCAR's stance to remove it. I think if it's offensive to an entire race, it really does nothing for anybody to be there flying. It belongs in the history books, that's about it."

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