Cleveland Cavaliers Fans Risked Death To Catch A Glimpse Of The Championship Parade

Do not click on this if you have a fear of heights.

Cleveland sports fans might have believed they'd be dead by the time their team won a championship, and apparently some fans decided on Wednesday that a sky-high view of the parade celebrating the city's first title since 1964 was worth risking death.

The Cavaliers celebrated their first-ever franchise championship in downtown Cleveland Wednesday, June 22.

Fans flooded the streets, leaving no path for the players' vehicles to cruise through quickly.

Supporters desperate for a vantage point climbed this parking garage, which is about three-quarters of a mile from City Hall, where the players' speeches were set to take place.

Here are a few questions we have for the fans on the side of the parking garage:

How did you get up there?

How did you get down?

What if one person above you fell?

Does your mom know you did this?

Fans line the rooftop and hang out on the side of a garage on East 9th. #cavsparade @clevelanddotcom

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