Here’s How Vanessa Hudgens Responded After People Said She Looked As If She Was “Trying To Hide” A Baby Bump In Footage From Her Bachelorette Weekend

“One of the happiest moments of her life and all you people can do is speculate about whether or not she’s pregnant,” one fan wrote.

Vanessa Hudgens is being defended after several internet users recently speculated that she was pregnant.

Close-up of Vanessa in a turtleneck

This week, Vanessa shared a series of photos from her bachelorette weekend, during which she was joined by her closest pals in Aspen to celebrate her upcoming wedding.

Close-up of Vanessa with Sarah Hyland and Alexandra Shipp at a media event

For those who don’t know, Vanessa and her partner of three years, Cole Tucker, announced that they were engaged earlier this year, in February.

Close-up of Cole and Vanessa smiling and hugging at a media event

Now celebrating her upcoming nuptials, Vanessa was joined by her best friends this weekend for her funeral-themed bachelorette party.

Close-up of Vanessa at a media event

Wearing a gothic-style wedding dress, Vanessa mourned the end of her single life as her friends — including Sarah Hyland, Alexandra Shipp, Morgan Marcell, and Laura New — dressed head to toe in black.

Sarah and Vanessa sitting together

“Dress code: All Black for the Bride in White,” Sarah wrote alongside a photo of herself and the future bride, while Vanessa’s sister, Stella Hudgens, said that the theme was “veiled vixen vibes.”

Close-up of Stella and Vanessa smiling

Meanwhile, Vanessa took to Instagram herself to share a series of photos and videos from the weekend — including a sweet montage, which she captioned, “The most iconic bachelorette weekend in Aspen thanks to my GIRLS and @airbnb ♥️ couldn’t ask for a more perfect home base.”

Close-up of Vanessa wearing a Western-style hat and opening a bottle of champagne in a kitchen

But sadly, Vanessa’s post was quickly flooded with comments speculating that she was pregnant, with users suggesting that the actor — who wore oversize clothing and had her hands placed in front of her stomach throughout the video — appeared to be “trying to hide a bump.”

Close-up of Vanessa on the street wearing a Western-style hat and carrying a Prada shopping bag

“Why does she look pregnant to me or like she’s trying to hide a bump,” one person wrote in a comment that received almost 700 likes.

Screenshot of the comment

“Are we pregnant?” another user questioned, while someone replied, “YES!! I’m glad im not the only one that picked up on that.”

Screenshot of the comments

“Pregnant for sure,” one person wrote. “She’s pregnant indeed,” someone else agreed.

Close-up of Vanessa wearing a low-cut halter top dress against a leafy background

Before long, Vanessa entered the conversation herself to shut down the speculation.

Close-up of Vanessa wearing a spaghetti-strap outfit

Responding to a comment that said she looked like she was “trying to hide a bump,” Vanessa wrote, “not pregnant so y'all can stop,” along with an eyeroll emoji.

Screenshot of the comment

After Vanessa responded, several fans jumped to her defense, questioning why some internet users felt the need to speculate about whether she was pregnant — under the comments of her Instagram post, no less.

Close-up of Vanessa in a strapless outfit at a media event

“Can y’all for once not comment on someone else’s body and assume their health,” one person wrote. “it’s not nice to assume someone’s pregnant,” another person agreed.

Screenshot of the comment
Screenshot of the comment

“One of the happiest moments of her life and all you people can do is speculate about whether or not she’s pregnant,” someone wrote.

Screenshot of the comment

“Even if she was pregnant it’s really no one’s business but hers,” one person said, while another user added, “Even if she is let her announce it when she’s ready instead of annoying her in the comment section.”

Close-up of Vanessa in a long, off-the-shoulder lacy dress at a media event

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