Tom Holland Subtly Liked A Cute Fan-Made Edit Of Zendaya’s Best Modeling Moments On Instagram, And People Are Obsessed

"ofc he liked THIS post," one Instagram user wrote.

If you know Tom Holland, you're probably aware that he does not shy away from publicly gushing about his girlfriend, Zendaya.

The Spider-Man actor has expressed his love for his leading lady — both on- and offscreen — several times since their relationship became public last year.

Zendaya and Tom smiling at each other and holding hands

From adorable tribute posts to super-cute interviews, Tom has made his support for Zendaya more than known — much to the joy of their fans.

In fact, a year ago, Tom went so far as to stop a whole red carpet interview at the Spider-Man: No Way Home premiere so he could watch Zendaya make her entrance.

Tom and Zendaya smiling at each other

Pausing mid-conversation with Entertainment Tonight, Tom couldn't help but get distracted when a bunch of loud screams from fans signaled Zendaya’s arrival.

Tom looking off to the side during interview

“I think Zendaya just showed up,” he said, peering over to get a better look. “That sounds like Zendaya just showed up.”

Tom talking to the interviewer

The adorable moment went viral across social media, with fans gushing over how smitten Tom looked as he watched his girlfriend grace the red carpet.

And it turns out that Tom’s gushing support of Zendaya transcends his public moves, with his subtle Instagram activity attracting widespread attention this week.

Tom and Zendaya on the red carpet

Eagle-eyed Instagram users noticed that Tom had hit the like button on an adorable fan-made edit of Zendaya looking incredible as she effortlessly modeled.

Zendaya slaying

“just zendaya owning the camera,” the video was captioned.

While the edit was shared last month, it was only this week that several people spotted Tom’s show of support.

Close-up of Tom in a suit and tie

“Am I the only who can see TOM HOLLAND LIKING THIS?!” one shocked user wrote. “the way i gasped when i saw who liked this,” another said.

Comments noting that Tom liked the edit

Clearly taken aback, more users commented: “Bro Tom liked it 😳😳” and “TOM HOLLAND LIKED THISSSSS AHHHHH.”

More comments about Tom liking the edit

“ofc he liked THIS post 😂 Tom & Z>>>>>,” one person quipped, seemingly referencing his adorable history of hyping Zendaya up. “tom liking bc he knows he is the luckiest man in the earth,” another wrote.

And more comments
More comments, including "tom i see you there"

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