Sydney Sweeney Seemingly Had The Best Response To An Influencer Who Apparently Lied About Being Her Dietician For 5 Years

The so-called dietician claimed to have helped Sydney get her “dream role” with “5 easy food swaps” — and it sparked an important conversation around the way celebrities are used to promote toxic diet culture.

Sydney Sweeney has seemingly shut down a social media user for lying about being her dietician.

Sydney in a v-neck dress at an event

The user, whose Instagram account now appears to have been deleted, claimed to have helped Sydney achieve her “dream role” by encouraging her to swap out her favorite foods for a bunch of “healthier” alternatives.

Sydney on the red carpet in an embellished, strapless dress posing for the camera

“I was sydney sweeney’s dietican [sic] for 5 years this is how I helped her get her dream role with 5 easy food swaps,” the user claimed, before alleging that Sydney’s “favorite comfort food” was Kraft Mac ’n’ Cheese — and describing this as “a dietician’s nightmare.”

However, Sydney quickly appeared to shut the entire thing down. According to multiple screenshots circulating online, the Euphoria actor commented under the original post and wrote, “i don’t know you and kraft mac n cheese is for life.”

Top of a person's head seen from behind in an elevator; a comment by sydney_sweeney reads, "i dont know you and kraft mac n cheese is life."

Several internet users have since praised Sydney’s apparent response to the false claim.

Sydney in dress seated on talk show set

“I need more celebs to start calling out these liars trying to sell diet plans and courses using their names,” one person said.

Closeup of Sydney Sweeney

“This is so strange. why would you lie about that like she's not on the internet and can't see it,” another wrote. “That’s so embarrassing, why would you so boldly lie about something so publicly,” one more tweet read.

Sydney in sparkling strap dress with updo hairstyle, earrings, at event

Before long, the interaction reminded people of the time Anne Hathaway’s representative was forced to shut down false reports around her diet when she was starring in Les Misérables.

Anne Hathaway in a black sequined dress with one shoulder design, posing with a smile at an event

Back in 2012, UK tabloid Daily Mail claimed that Anne was on an intense “crash diet” — that consisted of apples and protein shakes — in order to lose weight for the role.

Anne with short hair in an elegant, beaded gown with a draped back, posing on the red carpet

However, Anne’s representative quickly shut this down, telling E! News, “[Anne] is losing weight for the part, but not that much. Just enough for her to look more frail... She is consuming more than 500 calories. [The tabloids] are making something of nothing, as usual.”

Anne in an embellished white dress with puffed sleeves at an event

Looking back on this moment in light of the recent drama with Sydney, one user tweeted, “I remember when Anne Hathaway had to call out sites publishing diets and claiming they were how she lost weight to play a woman with consumption in Les Miz. The commodification of celebrity bodies as a means to shill diet culture sadly continues.”

Sydney in elegant teal dress and black coat, posing

Meanwhile, others pointed out how scary it is that people boldly lie on social media in order to promote and sell their products.

“Sooooo many people are lying just to sell a product on tiktok it’s kinda scary,” one person said. “I’m glad sydney called her out cuz these influencers be saying ANYTHING,” another user wrote.

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