Reign Disick Was Left Completely “Scared” By The Paparazzi At Kourtney Kardashian And Travis Barker’s Wedding, And Sadly, It’s Not A First For The KarJenner Kids

Travis’s daughter, Alabama, looked miserable when she also spotted the swarms of paparazzi awaiting their family in Portofino, Italy, while Kourtney later momentarily lost sight of her 10-year-old, Penelope, among the screaming crowd.

Last night, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s new wedding special dropped on Hulu!

The bonus Kardashians episode, which is called “’Til Death Do Us Part,” features tons of previously unseen behind-the-scenes footage from the couple’s three separate weddings — all of which took place in 2022.

Kourt and Travis kicked off their trio of wedding celebrations with a drunken trip to Las Vegas, where they were wed by an Elvis impersonator.

A few weeks later, they legally tied the knot in a quiet courthouse ceremony in Santa Barbara, where they were joined by Kourtney’s grandmother and Travis’s dad as witnesses.

But the main event was undoubtedly the beautiful third and final ceremony in Portofino, Italy, where the couple were joined by a bunch of their closest family members and friends at a gorgeous medieval castle.

At the time, many of the attendees — including Kourtney and Travis — shared footage from the event on social media, with Travis’s daughter from his previous marriage, Alabama, even going live on TikTok the night of the wedding.

Nonetheless, the new Hulu special reveals tons of interesting details about the trip to Italy that we didn’t know before — like how the family dealt with swarms of paparazzi they hadn’t anticipated.

Reflecting on the “chaos,” Kourtney and Travis explained in the episode they'd expected to be some of the only people in the quiet seaside village when initially planning their Portofino wedding.

“When we were dreaming of our Portofino wedding ... I thought that there wasn’t gonna be anyone in the town,” Kourt says in the episode.

“The night before our first dinner, you and I were the only people in the town,” Travis added. "We laid on a bench, and we were the only people.”

“I remember thinking that no one was gonna be there, maybe like a couple people saying 'hi' or asking to take a photo,” Kourt replied. “But it was major chaos.”

The episode then shows footage from the trip where the family noticed large crowds of paparazzi and screaming fans as they sailed into the town of Portofino on boats for an evening meal.

“You guys, it looks kinda crazy in town,” Kourt warns the others, while the camera pans to Alabama looking very uncomfortable.

The family was immediately swarmed by the crowds as soon as they got off the boats and made their way to the restaurant on foot.

At one moment, Kourtney even lost sight of her daughter, Penelope, and hastily instructed her to hold her hand and remain close by. Her youngest child Reign, who has previously flipped off the paps and told them to "give [them] a break," could be heard telling his mom, “I’m scared.”

The episode doesn’t shy away from documenting the reality of the paparazzi swarms. Between the relentless sounds of the cameras shuttering and the intense flashing lights, the Hulu special even featured a warning at the start for viewers who are sensitive to light.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time that the Kardashian and Jenner kids have been left terrified by the crowds of paparazzi that surround their families when out and about.

In 2021, for example, Kylie Jenner’s daughter Stormi — who is now 5 — covered her ears and stuck close to her mom when a bunch of paps were snapping photos of them exiting a car.

The following year, Kim Kardashian’s daughter Chicago, who’s the same age as Stormi, was also spotted looking terrified when several photographers were loudly snapped pics of their family. It got to the point that Chicago's elder sister by four years, North, shushed the crowd for her.

You can watch the brand-new Kardashians special, "'Til Death Do Us Part Kourtney & Travis," on Hulu in the US and on Disney+ globally. The next season of The Kardashians will launch on May 25.

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