After That Awkward Online Mishap Back In February, Normani Awkwardly Swerved A Question About Whether Or Not She Runs Her Own Fan Account

It comes months after the apparent fan account @NormaniNation posted a screenshot seemingly taken by someone logged into Normani’s actual Instagram, prompting speculation that the singer runs her own fan page.

Back in February, ex-Fifth Harmony member Normani found herself at the center of public attention after a seemingly awkward mishap online.

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If you missed it, several X users speculated that a popular fan account of Normani, @NormaniNation, is run by the singer herself after it shared a screenshot of Normani’s Instagram profile that appeared to have been taken by someone logged in to her account.

wait so its real?!?!? normani runs her own fan account?!?!? 😭

— 𓆩♡𓆪 (@cuntyreveluv) February 21, 2024
Twitter: @cuntyreveluv

When Normani’s Instagram posts were wiped ahead of the release of her new album, @NormaniNation posted a screenshot of the profile and wrote: "WHAT IS HAPPENING.” But in the image, eagle-eyed fans quickly spotted the “edit profile” button beside Normani’s name, suggesting that whoever took the screenshot was logged in.

It’s important to note that it was purportedly confirmed in 2022 that the @NormaniNation account is run by Normani’s team. However, fans have remained convinced that it’s Normani herself who is behind the huge account.

Fast-forward to today, and fans are again speculating that the singer runs @NormaniNation after she sat down for a new interview with the Cut.

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During the interview, Normani — who said she does not frequently use social media — was asked about her relationship with her fan accounts, to which she replied, “No, I mean, I’m definitely heavily involved.”

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The reporter then notes that Normani was asked if she — or her team — run any of the fan accounts. Normani awkwardly avoided answering, with her publicist jumping in to say: “Yeah, I think we can skip this question.”

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Reacting to the awkward reaction online, several people described the entire thing as “embarrassing.”

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“This is so embarrassing. oh my god,” one popular tweet read. “LMFAOO OMG the second hand embarrassment,” someone else wrote.

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“I don’t think she should’ve addressed this, she really should’ve just stayed silent,” another user tweeted.

Meanwhile, other fans defended Normani, pointing out it’s not uncommon for artists to have fan accounts managed by their teams to help them engage with fans.

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“i just dont see why this is so serious like why dont her team just say ‘yeah we run the account for normani to help her fans keep up to date with her’ like what is this strategy ??” one person tweeted.

“Whether she runs it or not who cares. It’s her way of engaging with her fans,” said another, while another fan described celebrities who run their own fan accounts as “genius.”

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