Minnie Driver Claimed She Was The Only Actor In "Hard Rain" Who Wasn't Allowed To Wear A Wetsuit Because Producers "Wanted To See" Her Nipples On Screen

"Everybody else could wear a wetsuit underneath their costume... I was told by the producers that I couldn't because they wanted to see my nipples," Minnie claimed, adding that people "wouldn't speak" to her once she complained.

Minnie Driver is reflecting on her experience shooting the 1998 film Hard Rain.

Minnie Driver poses in a sequined dress at a gala event

Minnie was in her late 20s when she starred alongside Morgan Freeman, Christian Slater, and Randy Quaid in the action/thriller film, which is set entirely during a massive rainstorm.

Minnie is fighting flood waters, looking upwards in the film

Appearing on Jameela Jamil's SiriusXM podcast this week, Minnie, now 54, reflected on the "tough" reality of shooting Hard Rain, claiming that the producers refused to let her wear a wetsuit underneath her character's costume.

Minnie outside in a fur-collared coat over a top, hands on hips, looking to the side

"There were huge rain machines. We shot crazy hours. ... It was a tough movie," Minnie began.

Minnie in a strapless outfit posing for camera at an event

"But everybody else could wear a wetsuit underneath their costume. And I was told by the producers that I couldn't because they wanted to see my nipples and that there was no point in having the wet T-shirt if you couldn't have what was underneath it," she claimed.

Minnie went on to say that she complained to her agent about the matter, which resulted in her being ignored on set.

"People wouldn't speak to me on the set," she claimed before adding, "There was this kind of — I was so punished for it."

Minnie also claimed that her complaints were leaked to various media outlets, which led to her being branded as difficult.

"So it's this sort of — not even existential, this gaslighting, media gaslighting that's supported by the environment that you are in. And then you have to stay in that environment," she said.

"You know, we shot that movie for seven months. So, eventually, you do turn on yourself. You do go, 'It was my fault for saying anything, you stupid big mouth. You should have shut up.' And that goes in and then alters the way in which you kind of see yourself and your natural inclination to put your hand up and go, 'This isn't right,'" she added.

This comes roughly two years after Minnie recalled being "vilified" when she complained on the Hard Rain set.

Minnie at a Comic-Con panel wearing a blazer

Speaking with The Times in 2022, Minnie recalled: "That followed me for a really long time, that whole idea of me being difficult. If you stood up and said, 'This is unacceptable,' which I routinely did, you were vilified."

Minnie in an elegant dress with puffed sleeves and a jeweled waist accent, posing for the camera

You can listen to Minnie's full appearance on the I Weigh with Jameela Jamil podcast here.

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