After “Love Is Blind” Viewers Were Left Horrified When Johnny, 27, Admitted He Thought Every Woman Was On Birth Control, Here’s What He Had To Say

“Johnny assuming every woman is on birth control is ABSURD. Bro, wear a condom geez. That's literally a form of birth control,” one horrified viewer tweeted.

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Love Is Blind spoilers ahead.

Amid all the chaos on the current season of Love Is Blind, one couple has remained pretty drama-free: Johnny McIntyre and Amy Olenska.

Johnny McIntyre and Amy Olenska embracing and kissing, with a blurred background of string lights

Like all of the couples featured on the Netflix show, Amy and Johnny, both of whom were 27 at the time of filming, formed a connection, sight unseen, by communicating through pods. They were the first pair of the season to get engaged and have largely been hailed a fan favorite among viewers.

Amy and Johnny smiling while lying down, close-up selfie view
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However, the pair recently experienced a little bump in the road while discussing birth control.

Amy and Johnny having a conversation by an open suitcase in a bedroom

In the latest episodes of the show, it was revealed that the couple hadn’t been “sexually intimate,” with Johnny telling their fellow contestant Laura Dadisman that he and Amy were “taking it slow” because she was “not on birth control.”

Johnny in a T-shirt and talking to another whose reflection is seen in a mirror, with a tropical backdrop visible through a window

After Laura told Johnny that his and Amy’s “sexual chemistry” was “palpable” and that she could “tell” they were “knocking boots,” he replied, “We’re taking it slow ... ’cause she’s not on birth control and, like, I want kids, but not right now.”

Johnny in a conversation in a room with a view of the outdoors

“When she was like, ‘I’m not on birth control,’ it’s like, well, literally if any small thing happens, we could have a little Amy or a little John Jr. running around,” he added. It was later revealed that Amy had never been on birth control and didn’t want to be on it because she liked how “regular” everything in her body was.

Johnny in a casual white tee sitting indoors with ocean view outside window

Johnny then went on to admit that up until that point, he’d assumed every woman was on birth control — a revelation that left viewers at home pretty horrified.

He said, “I just always thought that everyone was on birth control. Like, that’s it.” Laura burst out laughing at this admission, and Johnny went on to admit that his assumption was “ignorant” while noting that “every girl” he’d ever dated would always “complain” about birth control.

Laura, in a striped bikini top with open white shirt, laughing at Johnny at a beach bar

Not only were viewers at home left shocked by Johnny’s revelation, but they also criticized him for sharing with Laura such a personal insight into his and Amy’s relationship.

Johnny sharing with Laura about Amy not taking birth control. I would slap him. That is personal business, just because you think all women on the planet are popping BC pills like they’re Tic Tacs, doesn’t mean you have the right to tell this to anyone #LoveIsBlind

— Aussie (@aussieg23) February 21, 2024
Twitter: @aussieg23

“Johnny assuming every woman is on birth control is ABSURD. Bro, wear a condom geez. That's literally a form of birth control,” one person wrote. “Not Johnny assuming every woman is on birth control. Boyyyyy, how many kids you got out there you don’t know about? How are you not gloving up EVERY TIME!?!” said another.

Not Johnny assuming every woman is on birth control. Boyyyyy, how many kids you got out there you don’t know about? How are you not gloving up EVERY TIME!?! #LoveIsBlind #LoveIsBlind6

— Ruchi Lee (@Ruchi_Rani) February 22, 2024
Twitter: @Ruchi_Rani

In the next episode, Johnny discussed the subject with Amy herself, noting once again that everyone he’d ever dated was “almost always” on birth control.

Johnny in a T-shirt speaking indoors

Explaining his reasoning for wanting to wait before having kids, Johnny stressed that he wanted to ensure that they were financially stable. Amy agreed that it would be challenging getting pregnant soon, but noted that she felt they would still be able to “take care of a child.” But Johnny made it clear that he wasn't on board with the idea: "I don't want that, period."

Johnny in a T-shirt looking at his reflection in a mirror with a concerned expression

Describing their clash over birth control as the “biggest roadblock to intimacy,” Amy said in a confessional, “I feel like Johnny’s really scared. I don’t know. I feel like using protection, like, that’s not enough for him.”

Amy seated indoors with a caption: "Are you guys sexually intimate?" "No"

Amy did suggest the idea of a vasectomy to Johnny, who replied, “I know it’s not just the girl’s job. I don’t want it to seem like I’m saying, ‘Do this,’ or that this is the only way to do things, because it’s not.”

Amy in a sleeveless top with hoop earrings, sitting indoors, looking to the side, with a thoughtful expression

The pair ultimately agreed that they needed to do more “research” on the topic and “figure out a solution” before their wedding, with Johnny stating that it could be “make or break” for them.

Amy in a room, wearing hoop earrings and a necklace, looks away thoughtfully

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Amy and Johnny’s discussion sparked a whole load of discourse online. While many users wound up discussing the numerous potential side effects of birth control, others praised Amy for reminding Johnny that a vasectomy was always an option too.

“Johnny wanting Amy to be on birth control this badly is stressing me out. Its not a flinstones vitamin, it comes with a whole host of things including blood clots, depression, hormonal changes, weight gain, acne, infertility… like this is crazy,” someone tweeted.

“I’m not mad at Amy for not being on birth control and bringing up getting a vasectomy to Johnny,” another person wrote.

Now Johnny has spoken out about his divisive remarks.

Johnny in a T-shirt speaking

Speaking with People magazine this week, Johnny said that he feels his and Amy’s discussion was “spun the wrong way.” He explained, “I do want to have kids, but I want to […] be able to actually experience life with Amy and grow and really evolve with her as a couple before we welcome kids into the mix.”

Amy and Johnny kissing while sitting on lounge chairs by a pool

Johnny continued, “When things come up with kids, because I hear for a lot of parents too, the first couple of years are rough. You’re sleep-deprived, you're not really your normal self you were way back when. So I wanted to know Amy for herself first and actually to know her before we were [going to] welcome kids into the mix.”

Johnny also told US Weekly that he was “uninformed” about birth control prior to his and Amy’s conversation.

Amy and Johnny lounging, with Amy holding a wine glass

“[It] was a really big thing that we talked about multiple times,” he said of the subject. “We wanted to make sure we’re on the same page. Me really not knowing a lot about birth control, contraceptives, things of that nature, made it difficult to really have a good conversation right away because I was uninformed.”

The latest episodes of Love Is Blind are now streaming on Netflix.

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