Travis Scott’s Rumored Ex, Yungsweetro, Accused Him Of Lying And Cheating On Kylie Jenner In A Series Of Scathing Videos. Here’s Everything You Need To Know.

After Travis and Yungsweetro went back and forth online, a now-viral TikTok series analyzing potential signs that the two were romantically involved prior to — and during — his relationship with Kylie has massively divided internet users.

If you’ve been on social media at all over the past week, you might’ve seen that Travis Scott shut down rumors he’d been hanging out with an alleged ex-girlfriend.

The gossip began to swirl online after the rumored ex in question, Rojean Kar — who goes by Yungsweetro on Instagram — shared a video of herself on the set of a mystery project with Travis in the background. “I’m directing obvi,” she captioned her post, alongside a winky emoji. Travis also shared similar photos on a set which heightened the online speculation about their relationship.

For context, Travis is currently dating Kylie Jenner, with whom he shares two kids. But Ro isn’t exactly a new figure in the Trylie timeline, with the Instagram model rumored to have been the reason behind their split back in 2019 — something Travis denied at the time.

Well, this weekend, Travis also quickly denied that he’d been with Ro on set, and claimed that he had no idea who she was. “It’s a lot of weird shit going on,” he wrote on his Instagram story. “An uninvited person was sneaking photos on what was supposed to be a closed set while I was directing a video.”

“I’m saying this for the last time. I don't know this person. I've never been with this person. So please stop with the continuous cyber games and the fictional storytelling,” he added.

However, Travis’s claim that he doesn’t know Ro and has “never been” with her was quickly questioned by several internet users, in light of their allegedly complicated history.

And thanks to fans’ extensive digging — namely an in-depth deep dive from Medium user @ibeendrakein and TikTok user @devotedly.yours’s now-viral explanation of the whole thing — some people are speculating that Travis was not only romantically linked to Ro before he began dating Kylie, but also that he’s been with her at several points during their relationship.

Before we go any further, it should be pointed out that not only has Travis denied any connection to Ro, but many fans are now also calling these so-called receipts into question too. Kylie and Travis have not publicly commented on any of these claims, nor have they confirmed them. They did not respond to a request for comment from BuzzFeed News.

So, as we all know, Travis and Kylie first began dating in 2017, and they’ve been on and off — though currently on — ever since. But way back in 2013, fans pointed out that Ro shared a photo of what appears to be herself and Travis — which, of course, seemingly contradicts his claim that he has no clue who she is.

Now, it’s important to note that it remains unclear whether or not it actually is Travis in the picture, as it’s quite blurry. Some users are also speculating that it isn’t him at all thanks to the absence of a neck tattoo they claimed he had at the time.

But fans online say this was the start of Travis and Ro appearing to make a series of subtle references to each other on Instagram, which led some to believe they were dating.

As TikTok user @devotedly.yours pointed out, when Travis announced the release of his debut album, Rodeo, in January 2015, Ro shared a photo of a couple from the TV series Breaking Bad looking at tons of money with the caption “Mood,” alongside several album emojis and a horse. It could have been a coincidence, but nonetheless fans started connecting the two. Later that year in August, Ro posted a video of herself at Travis’s concert.

On the very same day that Rodeo dropped in September, Ro shared a picture of herself captioned with lyrics from the album's song “Pornography.”

Then, in November, Travis posted a photo of himself on Instagram (that Ro liked) in which he’s wearing a very specific shirt. The following month, Ro posted a picture of herself wearing the same garment. Once again, could she have just seen him wearing it and picked it up herself? Of course.

But the alleged social media signaling went on over the next year too. For example, on October 1, 2016, Ro posted a picture of herself holding a bunch of flowers, which she captioned: “Still hate u tho :).” The very next day, Travis posted a photo with the caption, “Love you too,” which fans read as a subtle back and forth between the pair.

Fast forward to 2017: Travis and Ro seemed to repeatedly appear to pop up in the same place at the same time. From January to mid-March, their Instagram locations matched on several occasions, before the two were both spotted at the first weekend of Coachella in April.

Now, as you might be aware, in 2017, Coachella was where Travis and Kylie were first pictured holding hands and making out during the second weekend. And just days after they were snapped getting cozy for the first time, the two went public with their romance.

However, some people are now speculating that Ro might’ve been in Travis’s life all along, given that they both appeared to be at the same places while he and Kylie were dating. In October 2017, for example, Travis posted a photo of himself in a studio, while Ro allegedly posted a similar picture — also from within a studio — to her Instagram stories.

Months later, in December, Ro shared a photo flaunting a diamond ring on her pinky finger, which bears a resemblance to Travis’s famous promise ring. The validity of the image has been called into question, as it no longer appears on Ro's Instagram page. Some assume that the photo was deleted or archived, while others have speculated that it was photoshopped entirely.

But some fans have gone on to speculate that Travis might've flown out to celebrate Ro's birthday the following year.

In March 2018 — a month after his and Kylie’s first child, Stormi, was born — Travis took a trip to what appeared to be a ski resort. That same month, Ro posted that she was flying somewhere for her birthday, before later sharing a photo of herself posing at what seemed to also be a ski resort. Days later, Kylie flew out and ended up sharing photos that had a similarly snowy backdrop.

But it's since been speculated that Ro had actually recycled old photos after going on a ski trip months prior with a man who shared footage of the two out in the mountains back in January. Some users began accusing her of purposefully fueling rumors that she and Travis were together by posting old photos. On Oct. 24, Ro appeared to claim that this wasn’t the case, writing on Instagram: “I have never perpetuated any narrative. I never said I'm currently with him or have recently been with him.”

Either way, online speculation continued about Ro and Travis’s alleged relationship all while he was publicly dating Kylie over the rest of the year.

In June 2018, Ro shared a video of Kim Kardashian’s then-husband Kanye (Ye) West’s album listening party. The event was super exclusive, with only close friends and family of Ye’s in attendance.

And later that year, for Halloween, Travis hosted a huge party that fans noticed was attended by not just Kylie, but Ro, too.

Of course, 2018 also saw the release of Travis’s album Astroworld. Fans have since raised their eyebrows at some of the lyrics on the first track, “Stargazing.” He sings, “She was talkin' 'bout forever, got a whole week / Plus, she know my baby mama is a trophy.”

So, just to clarify: Currently, Travis and Kylie are together. But, in February 2019, the couple were faced with rumors that Travis had cheated on Kylie, which he vehemently denied at the time.

The rumors in question went on to claim that Travis had cheated on Kylie with Ro. Ro then posted a public Instagram story of a screenshot which appeared to show that Kylie had blocked her. "How many times a day do you block & unblock me girl," she wrote.

The following month, tensions appeared to reach a high. On March 15, which was just days after her birthday, Ro shared a photo of herself flaunting a huge watch, along with the caption, “tell ur bd i said thx.” The abbreviation “bd” is commonly used to mean “baby daddy.” She's since changed the caption to say, "It was song lyrics."

And the very next day, Kylie shared a picture of a watch to her Instagram story, writing: “babe with the spontaneous gifts @travisscott.”

A week later, Kylie threw Travis a lavish birthday party and bought him a Lamborghini. Travis shared a photo of this, publicly calling Kylie “wifey” — all while, once again, Ro was allegedly in attendance based on photos she posted which appeared to show her inside the event.

The next month, Travis was in Miami at the same time as Ro, and she posted a photo in front of a Lamborghini that looked identical to his. In July, Ro posted a photo with a pair of sneakers in the background — which were identical to the pair that Travis always wears. Of course, these certainly could’ve been any old shoes, but it got people talking nonetheless.

Fast forward to October 1, 2019: Travis and Kylie broke up. Many people online speculated that he’d been cheating on her with Ro, and that this had been the reason behind the split.

Ro denied this at the time, publicly releasing a statement that read: “None of these rumors are true, its just the internet creating a false narrative. Please stop spreading lies & leave us alone because its affecting real lives. Thank you.”

Travis also denied the rumors, writing on his Instagram story: “It’a really affecting when u see false things said about u once again these false stories about me cheating are just simply not true. Focusing on life, music, and family at this moment is what's real.”

Ro then shared another post that read: “I wish the truth would just reveal itself.” She went on to claim that everyone is “either scared or paid off” by a group of people who control the media.

The next month, Kylie and Travis sparked rumors of a reunion after she attended one of his shows, and he called her his “wife” on stage. They later wound up rekindling their relationship.

This all brings us to the latest internet drama.

Earlier this month, on October 12, Ro posted a photo to her Instagram, captioned: “tell her to be me for halloween since she wants you to love her so bad.” Fans online immediately speculated that this was shade towards Kylie.

This caption, along with her aforementioned video that appeared to show Travis in the background, reignited speculation online that Travis had been hanging out with Ro — which, of course, he outright denied.

But Ro then responded by claiming Travis was lying. “OK, so what we’re not gonna do is we’re not gonna lie on me,” she said. “Because I’ve been good. I posted whatever fucking story you guys wanted me to post. I pretended I didn’t know you, went along with whatever fucking narrative you guys wanted to, no matter how much bullshit I got from it.”

“But to say you don’t know me and you’ve never been with me, when you’ve definitely been with me, when fucking everybody’s seen you with me, when I have pictures and videos of you with me… Come on. Come on sir,” she claimed.

“Or like even fucking this Valentine’s day, I saw you. I ran out the door, and you had every single girl I know blowing me up, like ‘Trav’s asking for you to come back,’” she alleged. “Are we pretending that didn’t happen, too?”

Ro then shared a series of text screenshots which she claimed were from Travis, which seemingly showed him asking where she was on Valentine's Day. Travis responded to this by posting a photo from his Valentine's Day celebration this year at what appeared to be Kylie’s house, writing, “If u wasn't at this table on V day then u wasn't with me,” along with a bunch of eye-roll emojis.

Elsewhere in her videos, Ro said: “You cheat on that bitch every single fucking night, the whole fucking city sees it... Don’t do this. And I was invited to that video shoot. I personally do not go anywhere unless I’m invited there.”

“Nothing he’s saying right now is true and that bothers me. Like, to make me look like a wack ass bitch… I’ve never taken a sneak picture in my fucking life. Should I have posted that? No. Was it messy? Absolutely. I don’t know why I woke up and just felt like doing that. But nothing he’s saying is true and that’s fucked up, too,” she alleged.

“The internet doesn’t matter... Like, none of it is the real world. The only person the internet is the real world is for Miss Jenner, because that’s how she fucking eats. So I don’t need to be doing all this,” she concluded. Ro made her Instagram account private shortly after posting these videos, although has since switched it back to public again.

As for Kylie, she remained silent while the internet drama erupted. On Oct. 23 she shared a series of photos of herself alongside the caption, "in ur dreams." The post has since been flooded with comments about Travis and Ro.

Kylie and yungsweetro ig post captions?!?!!? THE GIRLS ARE FIGHTINGGGG

Twitter: @SSlCKO

As briefly mentioned, Ro released another Instagram statement on Oct. 24 addressing the drama. “Having someone you’ve known for almost a decade disrespect you and assume you won’t stand up for yourself bc you never do, is hurtful,” she wrote. “I reacted in the moment and speaking on someone else’s relationship was wrong of me.”

“Having thousands of people say you’ve posted and done things that are completely out of character and you would never do is equally hurtful,” she went on. “I am a regular person with a real career and family. I’m not a blogger or reality tv star who lives by the moto ‘all publicity is good publicity.’”

And so, that concludes the incredibly messy Kylie/Travis/Ro internet drama. We’ll be sure to update you if anything new unfolds!

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