Kourtney Kardashian Explained Why She And Travis Barker Choose To Lick Each Other’s Tongues At Public Events A Week After Making Out In Front Of Horrified Tourists In Italy

Another day, another public makeout session from Kourtney and Travis.

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are back at it again with their infamous tongue-kissing — though this time, they’re explaining their reasoning.

If you missed it, the couple caused a stir last week when Hulu reality series, The Kardashians, showed them making out in front of the Milan Cathedral in Italy.

The pair, who were visiting the popular city in order to prepare for their wedding the following month, shamelessly got very touchy-feely as they posed in front of the building for several photos — without batting an eye at any of the other tourists, of course.

Kourtney leaped into Travis’s arms in a straddling position, and the pair giggled as they shared a passionate kiss. Needless to say, the people around them — some of whom were children — looked pretty baffled by what they were witnessing.

But in this week’s episode, Kourt offers a brief explanation as to why she and Travis make the conscious choice to kiss with their tongues.

While on their way to the Met Gala, Kourtney and Travis lick each other’s tongues in front of their entire team — with Kourt then explaining that she simply doesn’t want to “ruin” her lipstick by kissing Travis with her lips.

“I don’t wanna get lipstick all over him, and I don’t wanna ruin my lipstick,” she says in a confessional.

“But we also don’t wanna not kiss,” she adds. “So we’ll kiss with our tongues.”

After they’re done kissing, Kourt tells her entourage: “That’s how we kiss. That’s why we kiss that way.”

Lo and behold, as we all saw, Kourtney and Travis’s tongue-licking made its way onto the iconic beige carpet at the Met, too.

In the past, both Kourtney and Travis have responded to the negative commentary around their PDA from fans.

Last October, for example, the pair caught some heat online after Travis shared a video of Kourtney straddling and kissing him at Disneyland.

They were quickly labeled “disrespectful” and "embarrassing" by fans who weren’t impressed with the public move. However, in response to all the backlash, Travis simply labeled critics “fucking miserable.”

Meanwhile, Kourt defended the PDA too, maintaining that she was “grateful” that her children — 12-year-old Mason, 10-year-old Penelope, and 7-year-old Reign, whom she shares with ex-boyfriend Scott Disick — get to see a genuinely “affectionate relationship.”

“Kissing and hugging is not a bad thing,” she said in a Season 1 episode of The Kardashians. “I’m actually grateful that my kids can see a loving, affectionate relationship because they haven’t seen that their whole lives.”

Funnily enough, it was a few episodes later that Kourt’s youngest kids, Penelope and Reign, witnessed her and Travis making out at the table during a family dinner, and hastily begged them to stop.

“Ew guys! Can you guys not kiss in French again?” Reign asked, before repeating himself a second time: “Can you guys please not French kiss?”

You can watch the latest episode of The Kardashians now on Hulu or Disney+. The next episode, which is the season finale, will air on Nov. 24.

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