Khloé Kardashian Liked A Post Joking That Kris Jenner Leaked The Controversial News Of Taylor Swift’s Private Jet Being Used 170 Times This Year

“Momager Kris always has a backstory for whatever scandal her fam goes thru.”

If you’ve been on the internet at all over the past few days, you’ve likely seen the drama surrounding Taylor Swift and her private jet.

But if you missed it, Taylor — who famously keeps most details of her personal life quiet — found herself facing a heap of criticism on Friday after a report published by marketing and analytics agency Yard listed her as the celebrity with the worst private jet carbon emissions so far this year.

Using data supplied by popular Twitter account @CelebJets, Yard studied a series of flight-tracking maps to compile the 10 celebrities whose jets have emitted the most CO2 since the start of the year.

Taylor Swift's Falcon 7X Landed in Albany, New York, US. Apx. flt. time 4 Hours : 17 Mins.

Twitter: @CelebJets

Stars like Kim Kardashian, A-Rod, and Floyd Mayweather found themselves on the list, with each of their jets emitting a damaging 4,268.5, 5,342.7, and 7,076.8 metric tons of carbon, respectively.

But it was none other than Taylor who took the top spot, with her plane having reportedly racked up a total of 170 flights and emitted a massive 8,293.54 metric tons of CO2 since the start of 2022, according to Yard.

What’s more, the average flight time of Taylor’s trips amounted to a mere 80 minutes, with her shortest recorded flight — which was from Missouri to Nashville — taking just over a half hour, per Yard's report.

Taylor Swift's Falcon 7X Took off near St Louis, Missouri, US. Going to Nashville, Tennessee, US (BNA, Nashville International Airport) arriving in ~36m.

Twitter: @CelebJets

Unsurprisingly, when these details of Taylor’s jet usage surfaced online, several fans were outraged and used social media to express their dismay at the singer — and share a flurry of memes, too.

Before long, a representative for Taylor attempted to refute that the singer was solely to blame for her plane’s emissions, telling BuzzFeed News: “Taylor’s jet is loaned out regularly to other individuals. To attribute most or all of these trips to her is blatantly incorrect.”

However, this only wound up sparking more backlash, with several social media users calling Taylor out for refusing to take accountability.

“you’ve really gotta hand it to taylor swift’s publicist bc ‘she generously rents out her jet for her poorer friends who can’t afford their own personal jets to use’ is the funniest possible way to put a humanitarian spin on her carbon emissions,” one person wrote on Twitter.

you’ve really gotta hand it to taylor swift’s publicist bc “she generously rents out her jet for her poorer friends who can’t afford their own personal jets to use” is the funniest possible way to put a humanitarian spin on her carbon emissions

Twitter: @ladiedbird

But interestingly, just before Taylor found herself at the center of public attention, there was another huge celebrity who had already attracted criticism surrounding the problematic usage of her private jet: Kylie Jenner.

The discourse kicked off when Kylie posted a photo of herself and her boyfriend, Travis Scott, posing in front of their separate private jets. “you wanna take mine or yours?” she captioned it.

Kylie’s apparent nonchalance and “disregard for the planet” infuriated fans, and before long, many had uncovered her jet records on @CelebJets, which showed past flights as short as 17 minutes.

But while Kylie’s jet usage is certainly excessive and harmful to the environment, we now know that it isn’t as bad as the other celebrities on Yard’s list, with the mogul not even being placed among the top 10 offenders.

And so, when Yard’s report appeared online and inadvertently distracted people from Kylie’s post, some fans couldn’t help but speculate that a certain famous momager — aka Kris Jenner — had something to do with it.

As you’re likely aware, it’s somewhat of a running joke that Kris — who is the mom of and manager for all the KarJenners — frequently pulls strings behind the scenes for the benefit of her family whenever they’re involved in a scandal.

This is, of course, entirely speculative. But the jokes certainly took off online as the news of Taylor’s jet usage suddenly came to light, with fans posting a barrage of memes quipping that Kris had been the one behind it all.

kris jenner leaking taylor swift’s carbon footprint to stop kylie from getting dragged

Twitter: @alex_abads

kris jenner leaking taylor swift’s private jet stats after ppl were coming for kylie for her 7 minute trips

kris jenner seeing everyone come after taylor swift instead of kylie

kris jenner after telling the press about taylor swifts carbon emissions.

And one TikTok video in particular, shared by @kardashianviral, garnered a ton of attention on the platform. “Who leaked that Taylor Swift’s jet took 170 flights this year?” it reads onscreen while a clip of Kris saying “Kris fucking Jenner" plays.


Taylor Swift’s private jet along with many others have taken more trips than Kylie’s plane so let’s not put all the blame on Kylie thanks for coming to my Ted talk #kyliejenner #taylorswift #kyliejennerprivatejet #taylorswiftprivatejet #kardashianclips #krisjenner

♬ original sound - Kardashian Viral

In fact, the clip ended up catching the eye of none other than Khloé Kardashian, who cheekily gave the post a like after it was reshared on Instagram.

Clearly entertained by the joke, Khloé wasn’t alone in her amusement, with several other fans poking fun at the whole thing, too.

“LMFAOOOOOOO this reminds me of that meme that said the devil works hard but Kris Jenner works harder,” one person commented.

“Momager Kris always has a backstory for whatever scandal her fam goes thru,” another quipped.

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