Amid Speculation That The Kardashians Are “Desperate For Money” After The Recent Kim And Kylie Drama, Khloé Is Being Slammed For Selling Her Daughter’s Clothes Again At “Absurd” Prices

After Kim’s Birkin drama and Kylie’s alleged lack of “budget” for a small business’s cake, Khloé’s recent cash grab has left more people questioning if their family’s wealth is all that it seems.

In recent weeks, fans have speculated that the Kardashian/Jenners are “desperate for money” after a series of eyebrow-raising events.

Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner posing in elegant gowns at an event. Kim is in a ruffled dress; Kylie in a sequined gown

Last week, billionaire Kim Kardashian was called out by fans after they noticed that she was trying to sell her used Birkin bag — which she noted had “some discoloration” and “minor scratching” on it — for just under $70,000.

Kim Kardashian wearing a cut-out dress with a high-neck jeweled collar

The designer purse was available to purchase via Kim’s family’s online “Kloset,” which they describe as their “luxury designer clothing resale site.” The Kardashian/Jenners sell a range of their new and secondhand garments on the website — some of which have been worn by their kids, too.

The KarJenners’ decision to sell their new and used clothes via their Kloset has sparked controversy over the years — not just because of their billionaire and multimillionaire statuses, but also because they’re often gifted designer pieces for free in promotional packages.

Days after Kim’s used Birkin got people talking, Kylie Jenner came under fire when a small business owner claimed the billionaire didn’t have the “budget” for one of her cakes despite expressing interest and viewing prices beforehand.

Kylie posing, wearing a sparkly, short-sleeved outfit. Her hair has a wet-look style

This week, a small business owner named Amy Yip alleged via her cake company’s Instagram account that she’d been contacted on Kylie’s behalf by an event planning company, who were interested in one of her bespoke cakes for an upcoming event.

Amy claimed she told the team her prices via email, and later spent “hours” making a deck of examples for them “without any kind of deposit or dime.” Amy then shared a screenshot of an email she’d allegedly received from the event planner noting that Kylie didn’t have the “budget” for the cake after all.

The drama left fans branding Kylie and the KarJenners “cheap” — and now, Khloé is facing similar criticism over some of her recent sales on their family’s Kloset.

Khloe Kardashian wearing a metallic high-neck dress at an awards event

Earlier this week, Khloé posted a link to the Kloset on her social media pages alongside a photo of her 5-year-old daughter, True, and noted that a bunch of “new items” were available for fans to buy.

But after clicking through to the site, fans were appalled to see the “absurd” prices True’s clothes were going for, with one Zara jacket in particular causing a huge stir.

Closeup of Khloé Kardashian

Sharing a screenshot of the leopard jacket from affordable retailer Zara being sold on the site for $50, one Reddit user wrote, “I know Zara is relatively inexpensive if you’re a Kardashian. Reselling a used coat for $50? This is absurd to me.”

Sold-out ZARA kids' jacket with a leopard print, size 11-12 years, priced at $50.00

“The designer stuff is bad enough but i can still see why it would appeal to some kardashian fans... but selling Nike and Zara for full price? Wtaf it's just utter greed,” someone else said, before adding, “They've been called out so many times and everytime they just ignore it and double down.”

The Zara jacket has since been sold and can no longer be found on the site. Meanwhile, other kids’ items being sold include a “rare” pair of $495 Dior boots with “minor creasing on the leather,” an $85 North Face jacket with “minor signs of wear,” and an MCM backpack going for $775 after originally being priced at $1,195.

As well as the high-end garments and accessories, the Kloset also has some more affordable pieces, like these leggings and jeans going for $20 each.

Some users went on to question why the KarJenners seemingly don’t donate any of the profits to charity, while others further speculated that their wealth isn’t quite what people might think.

Khloe and Kim at an event, one in a shiny metallic dress and the other in a sleek, form-fitting gown, posing cheek-to-cheek

“This is another example of me thinking their money isn't as long as they claim,” someone wrote.

And this isn’t the first time Khloé has been called out for selling True’s clothes at high prices.

Back in 2022, fans were horrified to see a bunch of the then-3-year-old’s garments being sold on the Kloset for hundreds of dollars. And Khloé was criticized further when people noticed that a pair of True’s used Cat & Jack tights were being sold for $20, despite Target offering them for $6.99.

In fact, the original $6.99 price tag was spotted by fans in one of the site’s photos, prompting further backlash toward Khloé.

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