Jordyn Woods Has Seemingly Weighed In On The Kylie Jenner/Hailey Bieber/Selena Gomez Drama With A Shady TikTok And People Can’t Get Enough

“the girls are being messy messy.”

By now, I’m sure you’re aware of all the drama surrounding Kylie Jenner, Hailey Bieber, and Selena Gomez.

But if not, allow me to quickly summarize things for you.

Hailey and Selena have long been at the center of rivalry speculation; Selena famously dated Hailey’s now-husband, Justin Bieber, on and off from 2010 until 2018, and he ended up marrying Hailey just six months after he split from Selena for the last time.

Though the women have continuously denied any contention, Hailey and her close friend Kylie were accused of making fun of Selena last week.

Just hours after Selena said she’d “accidentally” laminated her eyebrows too much in a TikTok post, Kylie uploaded a selfie to her Instagram story with the text “this was an accident???” placed very pointedly by her eyebrows.

And shortly after, Kylie shared a screenshot from a FaceTime call with Hailey, where they’d both zoomed in on — you guessed it — their eyebrows.

Needless to say, several people interpreted Kylie and Hailey’s activity as shade toward Selena — though Kylie quickly denied that this was the case.

“no shade towards selena ever and i didn’t see her eyebrow posts! u guys are making something out of nothing. this is silly,” she commented under a TikTok that accused her and Hailey of being “childish.”

And Selena actually backed Kylie up, replying to the comment: “Agreed @kyliejenner. It’s all unnecessary. I’m a fan of Kylie!”

However, many social media users didn’t buy Kylie’s claim and have since continued to label her and Hailey “mean girls.”

More drama has unfolded since; Selena has publicly commented words of support under a TikTok implying that Hailey and Kylie are “bitches,” while Hailey has shared an Instagram story using the song “Calm Down” by Rema — rather than the more recent version, which features Selena.

And those invested in the drama have ended up dividing themselves into two halves: those siding with Hailey and Kylie, and those supporting Selena.

Well, the saga now appears to have taken a new turn, with Kylie’s former best friends — Jordyn Woods and Pia Mia — seemingly giving their two cents on the whole thing.

Twitter: @jordynwoods

For context, Kylie and Jordyn were pretty much inseparable for the years that they were friends. However, after Jordyn got caught up in a huge infidelity scandal involving Tristan Thompson, who was then Kylie’s sister Khloé’s boyfriend, the pair were BFFs no more.

And it now looks like Jordyn is proudly supporting Selena over Kylie and Hailey amid the latest drama.

Posting a video to her Snapchat stories, Jordyn pointedly applied a lip liner from Selena’s makeup range, Rare Beauty. “Love this lip liner,” she captioned the post.

jordyn woods loves her rare beauty lipliner. 💋 TEAM SELENA IKTR

Twitter: @withluvselena

Fans were quick to raise eyebrows at Jordyn’s “shady” video for a number of reasons. First of all, and perhaps most obviously, her ex-bestie Kylie has a very famous makeup collection of her own — Kylie Cosmetics — that is most well known for its lip liners and lip products.

In fact, much of Kylie’s entire brand centers around her lips, with her lip kits being her most successful product of her entire range.

What’s more, eagle-eyed fans noticed that Jordyn later showcased the name of Selena’s collection, which is “kind words.” This is all the more interesting given that Kylie and Hailey have repeatedly been called “mean girls” across social media.

watching jordyn woods snap story.. not her posting a rare beauty lip liner LOL i love that💀😂

Twitter: @tristen_elise

Jordyn woods posted Selena’s lip liner.. what a queen fr

not jordyn woods buying a rare beauty lip liner, posts herself using it on snapchat and captions it “love this lip liner” like purr,, i know khloe is just itching to say something

Oh the girls are being messy messy !!

But it doesn’t stop there. Another one of Kylie’s former close friends, Pia Mia, has seemingly been shading her too.

Like Jordyn, Kylie and Pia were super close back in the day, though were rumored to have fallen out a few years ago. Just a couple of months ago, fans suspected that Pia was referencing Kylie when she discussed a past friendship with someone who had “cut” her from the group.

“Even if you're friends with someone for years, and you actually think that friendship is real, the second that they think you're not hot enough, famous enough, or making enough money... you're cut from the group,” she said.

And now, Pia has very overtly shared her love for Selena all over TikTok.

Like Jordyn, Pia filmed herself using Rare beauty products to do her makeup. What’s more, she featured the “Calm Down” remix (featuring Selena) in the background — which is all the more pointed given Hailey’s recent use of the original version.

@withluvselena Pia Mia (Kylie’s ex bff) also did a makeup video using rare beauty with calm down remix playing in the background 🤐

Twitter: @titaniucms

“pia mia has spoken without saying a thing!” one user commented under the video. “we hear you loud and clear queen,” another said.

Pia has also featured songs by Taylor Swift — who is super close friends with Selena — in her recent TikTok videos.

Plus, fans are convinced that she made another dig at Hailey by poking fun at her past as a Jelena superfan.

For those who don’t know, Hailey was once obsessed with Selena and Justin’s relationship. In fact, long before she ended up marrying him, she was a huge fan of the "Baby" singer and shamelessly expressed her love for him all in several tweets — many of which have very recently resurfaced online amid all this drama.

Seemingly pointing toward Hailey’s former status as a Belieber, Pia shared a TikTok video of herself singing some very interesting lyrics from Lady Gaga’s song “Paparazzi,” which was released back in 2009.

“I’m your biggest fan / I’ll follow you until you love me,” Pia sang. “Promise I’ll be kind / But I won’t stop until that boy is mine.”

Of course, there’s no evidence that Pia was intending to shade Hailey, and she very well could’ve been singing the lyrics just because. But given its very convenient timing and the rest of her and Jordyn’s social media activity, fans were quick to label the video “subtle shade.”

“Girl fully knowin' what she's doin,” read one popular comment with over 20,000 likes. “Pia here just keep dropping shade im loving it!” someone else wrote.

We’ll keep you updated if anything else unfolds.

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