Here’s Everything That Taylor Swift's Closest Friends Have Said About Her Relationship With Travis Kelce, From Cara Delevingne To Taylor Lautner

Amid all the buzz around Taylor and Travis, her close friend Cara Delevingne said that there’s “something very different” about their romance.

Ever since Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were first linked a couple of months ago, their relationship has gone from strength to strength.

Taylor and Travis holding hands as they walk out of a building

After making a series of public appearances at Travis’s football games and seemingly forming a close friendship with his teammate Patrick Mahomes’s wife, Brittany Mahomes, Taylor appeared to be happier than ever with her new romance.

Taylor and Brittany clasping hands as they cheer

Most recently, she was filmed running up to Travis and kissing him as he supported her amid her Eras Tour — and she even changed the lyrics in her hit song “Karma” to reference him during one of her performances.

Taylor and Travis exiting a car

And amid all the buzz around Taylor and Travis’s romance, which has taken the internet by storm, several of their closest friends have spoken out about the new couple.

Closeup of Taylor Swift

Most recently, Taylor’s close friend Cara Delevingne offered her thoughts on their relationship during a chat with E! News this week.

Closeup of Cara Delevingne

For those who don’t know, Taylor and Cara have been friends for a decade, after meeting at the 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. The model famously appeared in the music video for Taylor’s 2015 hit “Bad Blood,” and she also joined her on her 1989 tour.

Closeup of Taylor and Cara

While the pair weren’t publicly linked for years after their friendship dominated the limelight, they were recently spotted together looking close as ever. And now, Cara has weighed in on the fanfare around Taylor’s new romance, confirming that she’s super “happy” for the singer.

Taylor and Cara

“I’m so, so happy for her. There's definitely something very different about them,” she told E! News, before adding, “I’m always rooting for my girl.”

Closeup of Cara Delevingne

Elsewhere, a bunch more of Taylor’s close friends have commented on her and Travis’s romance in recent weeks.

Taylor walking down the side walk

Taylor Lautner, who famously dated the singer back in 2009, recently told Extra that he’s super “excited” for his now-close friend.

A closeup of Taylor Lautner

“They seem like they’re incredibly happy... As long as she’s happy, I’m happy. She’s crushing it in every aspect of her life right now,” he said.

Taylor and Taylor hugging

That same week, Gigi Hadid entered the conversation around Taylor and Travis to dispute reports that she was unhappy with the budding romance.

Closeup of Gigi Hadid

Gigi — who has publicly been friends with Taylor since 2014 — commented under an Instagram post, “I’m a couple days late to this tag...but didn’t the press try this last week w Selena? Let it be...we are all over the moon for our girl. Period.”

Closeup of Gigi and Taylor

As Gigi mentioned, several reports claimed that Selena Gomez — one of Taylor’s closest friends — was also unhappy with her and Travis’s relationship. However, a source later told Entertainment Tonight that this was far from true, and that both Selena and Gigi were thrilled for Taylor.

Closeup of Selena Gomez

“Selena thinks this relationship is the real deal for Taylor,” the insider said. “She is a big supporter of her and Travis. Selena and Gigi see how respectful Travis is of Taylor and that he treats her like a queen. They are happy for both of them.”

Meanwhile, another of Taylor's close friends, Antoni Porowski, recently said that he “couldn’t be happier” for her and Travis.

Closeup of Antoni Porowski

“I’m very supportive. She’s an incredible, formidable woman who’s managing to tour the world over,” he told People. “My hopes for them as a couple are that they…continue to be really happy and to enjoy this moment and all the future moments to come.”

Closeup of Antoni Porowski

As for Travis’s circle, we know that Brittany Mahomes is super close with Taylor. And this week, her husband, Patrick, described his best friend’s new romance as a “huge deal.”

Closeup of Patrick Mahomes

“People see the whole Taylor Swift and Travis [thing] and they make it a huge deal because it is a huge deal,” he told ESPN, before going on to clarify that in spite of all the buzz, Travis’s relationship has “not become a distraction” for their football team.

Closeup of Travis Kelce

“I think it becomes a bigger deal to the fan bases than it does to the guys who are actually in the building,” he said, while later adding, “He doesn't try to be this Travis Kelce Saturday Night Live guy, he just wants to be the guy who comes to play football every single day.”

Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce on the field

What's more, Travis's mom, Donna Kelce, has made it super clear that she's beyond thrilled about her son's new romance.

Closeup of Taylor Swift and Donna Kelce

After initially saying that it was "OK" to watch a football game with Taylor, Wall Street Journal recently reported that Donna still "berates herself" over her so-called unenthusiastic remark. Now, Donna told the outlet that she hasn't seen Travis this happy in a "long time."

Closeup of Donna Kelce

“I can tell you this,” she said. “He’s happier than I’ve seen him in a long time… God bless him, he shot for the stars!”

Closeup of Travis Kelce
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