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Donald Trump Didn't Bow His Head For Justice Scalia And People Were Mad

"Because of course he bows for no one."

Posted on February 13, 2016, at 9:55 p.m. ET

Businessman and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump showed on Saturday that he lowers his head for no one.

(AP Photo/John Bazemore)

Trump was the only candidate at the South Carolina GOP debate to not bow his head during a brief moment of silence for Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who died just hours earlier Saturday.

Trump is the only candidate who doesn’t bow his head during moment of silence for Antonin Scalia #GOPDebate

Scalia, a conservative, was first appointed to the Supreme Court by Ronald Reagan in 1986. He was the court's most prominent originalist, adhering to a strict interpretation of the Constitution.

The five other GOP presidential candidates lowered their heads before the debate in a moment of silence for Scalia. But Trump kept his head up and hands folded.


He eventually closed his eyes, but kept his head up.

Some people didn't quite understand what happened.

Did anyone notice Trump didn't bow his head in moment of silence for Scalia? #GOPDebate

Am I the only one who noticed that Trump was the only one who didnt bow his head during the moment of silence for Justice Scalia? #GOPDebate

Other people didn't question what they saw and had some choice words to describe Trump.

@ChuckNellis why is it only Trump did not bow his head when they had a prayer moment for a judge Scalia? Proud chump! Not Christian!

Other people saw it as a power move.

Was #Trump the only one who didn't bow during the moment of silence for Justice Scalia? So non-PC. So tough. Swoon.

"Because of course he bows to no one," said one person.

Trump only candidate not to bow his head during opening moment of silence for Justice Scalia. Because of course he bows to no one.#GOPDebate

One person said, "Guess prayer is beneath him."

#GOPDebate #CBSDebate trump didn't bow his head for Scalia. Guess prayer is beneath him. #trash #scumbag

Other people questioned how this possible power move might shape his chance at winning over South Carolina.

Trump didn't bow his head during the moment of silence for Scalia. He's totally losing South Carolina now.

Donald Trump bows his head for no one.

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