A Farm Got Too Many People Volunteering To Snuggle Baby Goats

"I have found my true calling in life. Professional baby goat snuggler."

A Virginia goat cheese farm that sought volunteers to snuggle their baby goats said Tuesday it had received too many applicants for the job.

facebook.com / Via Facebook: caromontfarm

The Caromont Farm in Esmont, Virginia, began asking last week for volunteers who are willing "to assist in bottle feeding infant goats, keeping the herd warm and dry, and maintaining cleanliness of the equipment and pens."

The farm expects that around 90 baby goats, or kids, will be born by mid-February, WVIR-TV reported.

The kids are removed from their mothers and bottle-fed just 24 hours after birth. The mother goats are then milked to make cheese.

Some of the kids even wear little sweaters to keep them warm.

The farm's request for baby goat snuggler volunteers piqued quite a bit of interest.

Mom is going to quit her job and snuggle goats full time. "Farm needs you to cuddle its little baby goats" https://t.co/Q353P8JqDQ

I have found my true calling in life. Professional baby goat snuggler. https://t.co/Ivz84OECgU

By Tuesday afternoon, the farm had reached its capacity for baby goat snugglers this winter.

Better luck next year to all you baby goat snugglers!

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