Susan Sarandon, A Sanders Supporter, Is REALLY Not Feeling This Convention

"Let's Thelma & Louise this election pronto."

Academy Award winning actress Susan Sarandon is a yuuuuge supporter of Bernie Sanders. She campaigned for him and supported him during the long primary season. Here they are at a Brooklyn diner in April:

And tonight was the first evening of the Democratic National Convention, a four-day long affair that will celebrate the party's nominee for president — who is NOT Sanders, but his rival, Hillary Clinton.

It was a long evening, with a long list of speakers.

But no one seemed to be having a worse time at this endless celebration of Clinton than Sarandon. A video journalist captured this reaction of hers and posted the GIF to Twitter.

Susan Sarandon is having literally the worst time at the #DemConvention

"Susan Sarandon is having literally the worst time at the #DemConvention," tweeted Now This News video journalist Ian McKenna.

Even Sarandon herself couldn't argue.

Of course the original GIF took off — it's been retweeted more than 3,160 times and gained more than 4,630 likes — by both Bernie supporters and people who thought the convention, which went on for more than 7 hours, was Way. Too. Long.

"Susan Sarandon at the DNC is literally me right now."

Susan Sarandon at the DNC is literally me right now #DemsInPhilly

"Let's Thelma & Louise this election pronto."

I have always loved Susan Sarandon let's Thelma & Louise this election pronto

The GIF became pretty epic.

Human beings can live off of a diet of susan sarandon's frustration and water for 120 days

Meme history was made.

Susan Sarandon's face is legit this Convention's version of the Crying Jordan. #DemsInPhilly

"Susan Sarandon looking miserable at the Dem. Convention is SO me at most family functions."

Her exhausted look got people wondering what young Sarandon must have been like.

Other people were truly inspired by Sarandon's shade.

@Ian_McK_ But @SusanSarandon still looks fierce even when she is shaking her head & sending shade. AMAZING

McKenna, who posted the GIF, told BuzzFeed New he was editing video where his team was staying for the even when he looked up at CNN and saw Susan Sarandon shaking her head.

@jimmyfuentes @SteveDeaceShow leave it 2 Susan Sarandon 2 epitomize how 90% of America feels between last week & now

McKenna isn't quite sure what got Sarandon to shake her head "like crazy."

"She seemed to be mad at the person clapping behind her (not sure)," he said. "But, in that moment on the stage Rep. Luis Gutierrez was talking about how with Hillary is president we can stop the NRA. Not sure if she was shaking her head at that or just the general atmosphere or the idea of Hillary being president."

He grabbed the video from CNN's livestream and GIF'd it.

"My mentions have been filled with people on both sides (Bernie Bros and Hillary stans) who have something to say about it," he said.

I feel you Susan Sarandon

"Bernie supporters say she is feeling their feelings, and Hillary supporters are saying she should be helping with unity," he added. "So, everybody has something to say about her face in the moment."

Democracy is enthralling.

@Ian_McK_ @karlnando Recreating her greatest role:

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