Someone Posted These Hilarious Animal Facts All Over The Los Angeles Zoo

"Flamingos are monogamous. Except for Phillip, that cheating bastard."

Los Angeles Zoo staff recently noticed something odd about signs posted near some of their exhibits — particularly regarding the "facts."

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Turns out, they were part of an elaborate prank.

"The fake signs were posted around the zoo on June 30 by a guest without our knowledge, but they were promptly taken down by zoo staff," zoo spokesperson Sarah Agronow told BuzzFeed News.

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Comedian Jeff Wysaski, who is known by his stage name, "Obvious Plant," took responsibility for the prank.

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Wysaski has previously posted recommendations at a bookstore and altered motivational quotes.

Some people found Wysaski's animal facts pretty clever.

Obvious Plant / Via Facebook: obviousplant

"I really should not be reading these at work..."

Wendi Raven Patrick / Via Facebook: obviousplant

Other were totally behind Wysaski's "animal facts."

Obvious Plant / Via Facebook: obviousplant

"This is not a fake fact, this is 100% true," one person commented.

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The more you know...

Obvious Plant / Via Facebook: obviousplant

Wysaski did not immediately respond to BuzzFeed News' request for comment.