People Are Really Torn Up About Burger King's Whopperito

Awesome or awful?

Burger King's latest test product has the country split over whether it makes them want to say yuck or yum.

It's called a "Whopperito."

Grubgrade describes the wrap as all the fixings that go into a typical Whopper with cheese, wrapped in a flour tortilla.

But some people are already turned off by the description and advertised picture of the burger-burrito.

Some people couldn't get past the name.

One person didn't like the idea of putting a burger in a tortilla.

One person thought the Whopperito was too similar to McDonald's burger wrap, but with more toppings.

"#MakeAHangoverWorse," said one person.

But still, some people couldn't resist themselves.

"I'd order a Whopperito in a high cholesterol heartbeat," said one person.

Some people didn't understand what the big deal was about this new food mashup.

"Why wasn't this a thing sooner?"

A spokeswoman for Burger King told BuzzFeed News that the Whopperito is being sold by a franchisee on a "local level."

"Whopperito" is Burger King's mashup of the Whopper and a burrito and this is what it looks like

Customers have spotted the creation in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Texas, NBC News reported.

The company doesn't plan to sell the Whopperito nationally, the spokeswoman said.

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