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Netflix Prices Are Increasing For Millions Of Subscribers And People Are Kind Of Chill About It

Netflix and chill just got $2 more expensive.

Posted on April 8, 2016, at 2:13 p.m. ET

Netflix will become a bit more expensive for possibly millions of subscribers beginning in May, BuzzFeed News confirmed on Friday.

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"Netflix will be releasing a number of our members from price grandfathering on the HD plan," the company said in a statement.

In May, U.S. subscribers will be removed from the grandfathered plan. They will have the option to either pay $7.99 for Netflix's SD plan or continue with the company's HD plan for $9.99.

U.K. subscribers will begin to be moved off the old plan beginning later this month.

The rate increase is not exactly a surprise. The company has been slowly increasing its prices.

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Netflix told its shareholders in January that it would be "releasing a substantial number of our U.S. members from price grandfathering on the HD


"Given these members have been with us at least 2 years," it said, "we expect only slightly elevated churn."

Some people were pretty devastated that the $2 price increase might mean they would have to part with the video streaming service.

@macmcdonald / Via Twitter: @macmcdonaId

Other people said anyone considering cutting off the service because of a small price increase must be cheap.

@TheKingLesbian / Via Twitter: @TheKingLesbian

Others noted how a typically cheap date night might become more expensive.

@mariodevon / Via Twitter: @mariodevon

And this person seems to be totally unaffected by the price change.

@_TheManiaX / Via Twitter: @_TheManiaX

Some were just impressed how adult everyone was being over the news.

@angienessyo / Via Twitter: @angienessyo

To see if your subscription might be subject to a rate increase, go to your Netflix account profile and click "Your Account." A message similar to this will appear under "Plan Details."

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Netflix will also notify affected members by email.

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