Several Arrested After Black Lives Matter Protest At Mall Of America, Airport

Demonstrators in Minneapolis blocked a highway, light rail line, and entrance to the airport as part of what they called BlackXmas. Closures were also reported in Los Angeles, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Demonstrators with Black Lives Matter staged a protest at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, on Wednesday, before moving to block major transport sites.

Militarized police known for killing unarmed ppl =scary Silent demonstrators =not scary #BlackXmas2 @mallofamerica

Three people were arrested at the Mall of America for trespassing, according to a Bloomington Police Department statement given to BuzzFeed News. One person was also arrested for disorderly conduct and another person for an unrelated Olmstead County warrant.

There were no injuries and police reported that no property was damaged.

The demonstration was organized in protest against the fatal shooting of Jamar Clark, an unarmed 24-year-old black man shot by an officer on Nov. 15.

Protesters also railed against Monday's announcement that a Texas grand jury had decided to not indict officers over Sandra Bland's in-custody death.

About 1,000 people took part in the protest at the Mall of America, Black Lives Matter Minneapolis spokesperson Autumn Marie told BuzzFeed News.

Merry Christmas brought to you by the Mall of America #BlackXMAs @BlackLivesMpls

The protest comes just two days after the Hennepin County Fourth Judicial Court granted the Mall of America's request for a restraining order against three Black Lives Matter protesters.

The Mall of America originally requested that the entire group be placed under a restraining order in anticipation of Wednesday's protest.

Electronic signs at the mall displayed warnings that the protests were not authorized and advised demonstrators to leave the premises.

Authorities put the Mall of America on lockdown shortly after the protest began.

MOA in lock down. Road to MSP is blocked. Live:

Law enforcement officers in riot gear also gathered outside of the mall.

NOW: Hundreds of riot Police surround protesters #BlackLivesMatters #Justice4Jamar

Protesters looking to join the group in the light rail were stopped by law enforcement, according to people tweeting from the scene.

Mall security has stopped protesters at stairwell from light rail at MSP @MPRnews

Upon arriving at Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport's Terminal 2, protesters blocked roads and disrupted traffic.

@BlackLivesMpls has shut down the MSP airport

Law enforcement blocked some demonstrators at the airport, but some protesters broke through the police line, according to people at the scene.

Protestors break through police not letting them leave airport #BlackXmas #Justice4Jamar

Police said 8 protesters were arrested at Minneapolis–St. Paul Airport — 6 for unlawful assembly and trespass, and 2 for gross misdemeanor obstruction of a legal process with force.

Both checkpoints at Terminal 2-Humphrey are now open and TSA has commenced the screening of passengers.

The Minneapolis–St. Paul Airport announced that it reopened the terminal after many protesters were shuttled in trains by law enforcement.

Demonstrators with Black Lives Matter Bay Area in Northern California also gathered on a highway to block part of the roadway. Nine people were arrested, CNN reported.

Shutting Down highway 101. No Business as Usual #Justice4MarioWoods

The Bay Area demonstrators were arrested and are seeking donations for bail, according to Marie.

Black Lives Matter protesters in Baltimore also held a separate sit-in demonstration, and members in Los Angeles blocked a portion of the 405 Freeway, according to people tweeting from the scene.

405 Fwy was briefly shut down by #BlackLivesMatter. They graffitied names of people killed by law enforcement.

On Twitter, Minneapolis activists celebrated the "shut down" of the mall, light rail, and airport.

We've just shut down the mall, the lightrail, AND the airport. Jamar won't celebrate Christmas this year, so we shut it ALL down. #BlackXmas


The protests only caused closures in Minneapolis, Los Angeles, and the San Francisco Bay Area. A previous version of this story included another city that was not affected.


This article earlier cited a tweet from the account @BlackNewsOutlet, which Twitter and Congress have linked to a Russian troll operation. The tweet has been removed.