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It Was 72 Degrees In New York On Christmas Eve And People Were Confused

"Ugly Christmas t-shirt party lol"

Posted on December 24, 2015, at 8:32 p.m. ET

New York City on Thursday had its warmest Christmas Eve on record, making for scene more associated with spring than winter.

People in shorts-in shirtsleeves. 70 degrees in Manhattan on #ChristmasEve -#climatechange

The mandatory shorts and tank top pic of people on this almost #ChristmasEve in #NYC. 70F/21C @EverythingNYC

The high of 72F was so unusual, it had many New Yorkers confused.

Tee shirt weather in New York. Also, Christmas. Everybody is confused.

I can't believe I'm walking around in a t shirt at the end of December

It's December 24 and I'm driving with my windows down and a T-shirt on

Wish I could wear a hat and some mittens this Christmas, but I guess a short sleeve shirt and maybe some shorts will do..????

Travel plans were compromised.

Anyone knows a place upstate ny to do cross country ski next week? Or is it all too warm?

Decided to spend the holidays in LA where it's warm but it's 57 degrees here and 72 degrees at home in NYC. How?!

There was a lot of sweat.

Walking around in a tee shirt on #ChristmasEve in #NYC sweating...not normal.

it's so hot in nyc that i'm sitting in my room w/ the window open and no shirt on and literally sweating

"..on an open fire, Sweat drops dripping down your nose.." #warmChristmas

"I just woke up in a puddle of sweat" - my dad, on why he's turning the AC on on Christmas Eve

: Fave if you are also about to sweat through your wool sweater for the next hour at church 👌🏽

Can actually feel the droplets of sweat sliding down my body! MERRY CHRISTMAS, NYC!! ☀️🎄🔥

havent sweat this much on #Xmas eve since I believed Id get coal in my stocking after lyin about breaking my moms fav clown figurine in 1997

well at least now I'll be sweating on Christmas because of the heat not because I'm dodging questions about grandchildren

And plenty of complaining.

If I wanted to wear a t-shirt on 12/24, I'd live somewhere where I could also go swimming on 12/24.

the fact that im wearing a t shirt on christmas eve is not okay

Sitting outside by the fire in a t-shirt on Christmas Eve is the worst.

It's freaking 70 degrees in NYC right now... I'm outside wearing just a shirt and pants this should not be happening

T-shirt weather in December. What the fuck, New York?

I only like this weather during the summer not on Christmas

Walking around Manhattan wearing a t-shirt and no jacket. Merry fucking Christmas.

As a result of the confusion, many people made unfortunate fashion choices.

I dig the warm weather but not the warm weather clothes people are wearing around the city. Put the tank tops and flip flops away..

Can you please PLEASE not wear CARGO SHORTS

Yes, please don't.

Others opted to wear nothing at all.

Or planned to barbecue, because, spring?

It's so warm that I am seriously considering grilling steaks outside on the deck for dinner tomorrow.

Some people took the strange weather as an invitation for new Christmas traditions.

It's T shirt weather in NYC and all the rich people are upstate lets FUCKIN PARTY!!

But others were left yearning for the old frosty weather New Yorkers have come to expect during Christmas.

Better luck next year, New York.

Gregory Bull / AP