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The Next iPhone May Lose The Earbud Jack And People Are Freaking Out

"wired headphones are amazing tho wtf apple"

Posted on January 8, 2016, at 6:22 p.m. ET

Apple plans to phase out its traditional wired earphones for for the next iPhone, according to a new report out Friday. And people freaked out.

Apple Vice President of iPod and iPhone product marketing.
(Photo by Justin Sullivan / Getty Images)

Apple Vice President of iPod and iPhone product marketing.

There was outrage.

Utter fuckery: Apple’s Next iPhone Probably Won’t Have A Standard Headphone Jack

not Finna be forced to buy apple headphones. If they do that I'm keeping my 6.

wired headphones are amazing tho wtf apple

Doomsday predictions were issued.

Apple better make the greatest wireless headphones ever or this won’t end well.

There was also speculation about Apple's business motives.

I believe Apple's main goal is to make headphones that don't stay in your ears.

Haha apple MAY get rid of the iPhone headphone jack so you can't use 3rd party headphones and can only use theirs. Not surprised.

"use our overpriced headphones or else"

Bets were placed.

$5 says Apple invents its own Bluetooth audio codec so you'll need Apple Certified Bluetooth headphones to work with iOS devices.

Other people took the announcement as an opportunity to reflect more broadly on the so-called earbud.

I can't wait for these wireless Apple headphones. Another pair that won't stay in my ears. But Wireless!!

@cargoweasel has apple ever released headphones that weren't painful to wear or total garbage?

Current Apple headphones are one of the worst things to happen to music. They just pollute the air with other peoples shitty music.

Apple needs to make their headphones get louder.

The news even had some people considering a switch to an Android phone.

Apple's latest rumors of dropping their headphones port is just another reason I'm considering switching to Android. Anyone made the switch?

Uh oh.

Apple, though, had its defenders.

@CoopaSteady wireless headphones would be tough tho? No? Lol. I'm sure Apple will make it work, they won't fail us. It's not possible!

I’m going to say it, if Apple removes the headphone jack & includes bluetooth headphones, that’s the kick in the pants we need. Screw wires.

Apple could make it so that plugging in headphones actually shoots lightning down your ears and I’d still buy an iPhone before Android.

Some also saw it as a way for people to get with ~the times.~

I don’t mind if Apple gets rid of plug ins. I’d prefer wireless charging, wireless headphones, etc. Come on, man! It’s 2016 now.

Some people tried to explain why the switch from wired to wireless earphones won't be so complicated.

If Apple remove the 3.5mm jack in the next iPhone, it'll ship with Bluetooth headphones; they'll be a lightning to 3.5mm adapter. Simple.


But are we even adult enough to handle wireless?

Nah Apple. I'm not responsible enough for wireless headphones. I can't even keep my Blistex for longer than 2 weeks

Welcome to the future.

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