People Think This Guy's Game Developer Barbie Hack For His Wife Is Amazing

Bug fixed.

This is Marcus Montgomery and his wife, Lisette Titre-Montgomery. They are both game designers.

Marcus Montgomery

Titre-Montgomery was excited to buy Mattel's most recent Careers doll, Game Developer Barbie, Montgomery told BuzzFeed News. But the problem was she only came as a white doll with red hair.

Barbie / Via

His wife's attitude was it was "better to have a Game Developer Barbie than not have one at all," said Marcus, who created the website to celebrate diversity in the video game industry.

But Titre-Montgomery didn't know that her husband had a fix for this bug. He bought a black Barbie and carefully dressed it in the Game Developer Barbie's clothes and placed it back into the box for Titre-Montgomery's birthday.

Titre-Montgomery was totally surprised by her husband's creative solution.

Marcus Montgomery / Via Facebook: video.php

"My ultimate goal was to make my wife smile," he said. "That’s really what I wanted. It was a birthday present and I just wanted to make sure she was happy."

Montgomery shared the doll in a Facebook post that has racked up a ton of comments from people applauding him for his brilliant hack.

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"Game designers are the best problem solvers," said one person.

Cat Dinh / Via

However, Montgomery bucks any compliments calling him a genius.

"Lets be real," he said. "It’s not something other mothers haven't done before."

But he did say that both he and Titre-Montgomery appreciate the importance of representation, especially in the game industry.

Marcus Montgomery / Via

Titre-Montgomery, who is a successful game designer and advocate for black women in tech, emphasized the importance of awareness of black game developers to expand the culture of gaming in a May 2015 interview with Black Girl Nerds.

"If you see someone who looks like you doing something you want to do, it feels more possible," she said.