Ben Carson Has Everyone Pondering The “Fruit Salad Of Their Life”

People went bananas over Carson's comment.

At Thursday night’s Republican presidential debate, Dr. Ben Carson said when choosing a Supreme Court justice, he would look at the "fruit salad of their life."

.@RealBenCarson will look at the "fruit salad of their life" when it comes to Supreme Court nominees #GOPDebate

"And this is the responsibility of Congress to come back and correct what the Supreme Court has done. That's why we have divided government. And we're going to have to encourage them to act in an appropriate way, or we will lose our religious freedom.

"And as president, I would go through and I would look at what a person's life has been. What have they done in the past? What kind of judgments have they made? What kind of associations do they have? That will tell you a lot more than an interview will tell you.

"The fruit salad of their life is what I will look at."

Carson's remarks had people on Twitter considering the fruit salads in their own life.

There were cascading cornucopias of fruit...

A shark fruit salad...

This lemur seems to be enjoying the fruit salad of life...

here is a lemur eating fruit salad

People asked important questions about their fruit salad.

why does my fruit salad only have cantaloupe?

@ hiring managers: should I have included the fruit salad of my life on my resume all this time? or is it more appropriate on a cover letter

Some saw a future line of bath products.

The Fruit Salad of Their Life is my favorite soap.

Or a new soap opera series.

"The Fruit Salad of Their Lives" would be a terrific name for a soap opera about the GOP candidates #GOPDebate

Others saw more creative uses for fruit salad.

A wall ten feet taller, made of fruit salad. #GOPDebate

Carson's comment won him at least one new supporter.

"The Fruit Salad Of Their Life" It's over, we have our next President. Everyone can go home. #GOPDebate

People wanted to hear directly from Carson's fruit salad.

The Fruit Salad of Their Life needs it's own Twitter account immediately. #GOPDebate

And within minutes, Ben's Fruit Salad started tweeting.

Thanks @RealBenCarson for the mention. I'll be waiting for you--zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... #GOPDebate

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