People Are Appalled By This $100 Trash Can From Anthropologie

"Designer trash cans, just like the one Bob Dylan used to live in. Pre-stained with bespoke corroded iron alloy and organic dog feces."

Anthropolgie is selling this "West Village Corrugated Can" with either a "mango wood or abaca rope handle" to use when discarding all of your organic apple cores and kombucha pulp. And it's only $100.

To less hip shoppers, this is obviously a just a metal trash can.

Important news: you can buy a $100 trash can from Anthropologie. I mean, West Village Corrugated Can

Apparently @Anthropologie is selling a "West Village" #trashcan online for $99. Or you could buy one at Home Depot.

The pricey can threw some people into despair.

$99 West Village trash can at Anthropologie. These are the things that make me feel New York is over.

It's official: Nothing is sacred. #nyc #nycforsale #anthropologie #buyaslice #oscarshome #newyork #sesamestreet

There were a couple references to Oscar the Grouch, a famous Muppet on Sesame Street, which was set in New York City.

$99 'West Village' Trash Can for Sale at Anthropologie via @Dnainfo

Some people understood the can's appeal.

Facebook: jenna.ipcar / Via Facebook: jenna.ipcar

Other people had some suggestions for other ways you could spend your money.

Facebook: clyde.shuman / Via Facebook: clyde.shuman

Anthropologie could not be immediately reached for comment by BuzzFeed News.

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