Amazon May Already Be Selling Your Fave Whole Foods Products For Less

Whole Foods is notoriously expensive. Amazon, which just agreed to buy the natural grocer, has already been selling some of the same products for up to 51% less.

Amazon announced today that it plans to buy Whole Foods. While consumers are totally amused, competitors' stocks are plummeting. The grocery industry is generally freaking out.

The hope among the grocery-buying public is that the move will eventually make Whole Foods' fancy, artisanal products available online for a lot less.

Amazon is coveted by consumers for its cheap prices, largely due to its unique marketplace which pits sellers against each other to give customers the best deal. While Amazon is obsessive about low prices, Whole Foods is obsessive about its selection of organic, specialty products, mainly beloved by people who can afford to eat like Gwyneth Paltrow.

We thought we'd do an extremely unscientific comparison of some Whole Foods products at our local store which are also sold on Amazon. So put on a pair of Birkenstocks, throw on a linen tunic, and grab a jar of homemade kombucha — we're going shopping!

We found a bunch of Whole Foods exclusive products you can't find on Amazon. But for some of your favorite foods, the cost is much lower on Amazon — up to 51% — often because the online retailer makes you buy in bulk, or subscribe for regular delivery.

Meyer's hand soap is sold for $5.99 at our local Whole Foods. But it's $2.96 on Amazon (51% less).

Kiss My Face Cool Sport Sunscreen, SPF 30, is $19.99 at Whole Foods, but $11.75 on Amazon (41% less).

Annie Chun's instant soup bowls are sold for $3.99 at Whole Foods. But on Amazon, they're $2.59 (35% less).

These prenatal vitamins are sold for $18.99 at Whole Foods. But you can get the same ones on Amazon for $12.49 (34% less).

At Whole Foods, Bark Thins are typically sold for $4.99 a pack. But on Amazon they're $3.52 (29% less).

These chicken tenders without antibiotics are also cheaper on Amazon. At Whole Foods you can get them for $6.99 a pack. On Amazon, they're $4.99 (29% less).

Even Cholula is pricey at Whole Foods. There, you can get it for $7.99 for a bottle. On Amazon, it's $5.69 (29% less).

Amy's frozen spinach and tomato pizza is sold at Whole Foods for $7.99. But on Amazon, it's $5.99 (25% less).

You can buy a Clif Bar for $1.25 at Whole Foods. But on Amazon, they're available to order for as little as 99 cents (a sweet 21% less).

Even Tropicana orange juice is more expensive at Whole Foods than on Amazon. Here, it's sold for $5.49. On Amazon, it's $4.39 (20% less).

Burt's Bees' calming lotion is $9.99 at Whole Foods, but $9.10 on Amazon (9% less).

GT's Kombucha is $3.99 at Whole Foods. But on Amazon you can order it for $3.79 (only a 5% difference, but hey, better on your wallet).

Happy shopping.

— Cora Lewis contributed to this story.

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