Two-Thirds Of Adults Say They Would Boycott A Brand Over Social Issues

Fifty-nine percent of adults said they would boycott a brand if they strongly disagreed with its stance on a particular social issue, according to a YouGov report.

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About 60% of American adults say they would boycott a brand due to conflicting political views and 67% support brand boycotts if a company takes an opposing stance on a social issue, according to a new poll.

The YouGov poll found 59% of US adults are willing to boycott a brand if its view on a political issue conflicted with their own. Such boycotts have become highly visible in recent months — people pledged to avoid Starbucks after the company announced a plan to hire refugees, while others have refused to buy Trump brand products or buy from anyone who advertises on far-right websites.

American adults also reported becoming more politically engaged between November 2016 and February 2017, according to YouGov's poll.

It found 31% increased their level of support for a particular cause during that period, with immigration, women's rights, and diversity and inclusion some of the top issues that gained traction.

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Younger people are responsible for much these changes, according to the poll. Only 27% of adults over 55 years old said they approve of brands taking a public stance on social issues, but half of all millennials said they approve of brands taking such stances.



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