Trump Will Be Leaving The White House And The Memes And Reactions Are Spicy

Trump won't have to leave for a few months still, but that hasn't stopped people from celebrating.

It's official: Donald Trump is toast.

After Georgia and Pennsylvania flipped in the wee hours of Friday morning, it became clear that Joe Biden was on track to be the next president.

Now, after Pennsylvania and Nevada were officially called for Biden on Saturday morning, he is officially going to be the next president.

There are still anticipated legal challenges from Trump, but the memes celebrating him getting the boot from the White House have been pouring in for days.

The mood has shifted.

It's like the end of a rather dramatic movie.

Please stand by.

There are just so many jokes to be made.

Congratulations, President Biden! #Election2020 #ByeTrump

pov: tr*mp sitting in the moving truck leaving the white house

Who will have to tell him?

White House staff member who has to tell trump its time to leave

Who's going to watch him pack?

live footage of kamala on the white house lawn rubbing it in trump’s face

President Biden locking Trump out of the White House on January 20th

Can it be televised?

Democrats pulling up to the White House to drag Trump out. #ElectionResults2020

And of course it's not just Trump, but his whole team who will have to vacate 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Trump's White House staff when he officially loses

@kayleighmcenany He sure is! That’s why 🎶 You about to lose your job Get this dance 🎶

So many people who won't be missed.

Bye Mr Trump! 😂👋 #TrumpMeltdown

So many bags to pack.

You can #PackYourShit your shit, too!

White House staff getting ready to move Trump out right now #Election2020

It's a family affair.

@DonaldJTrumpJr We hate you and your dad that much, yes. #PackYourShit

And don't forget the toilets.



trump trying to get back into the White House when they kick him out #Election2020

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