These Teens Took A Cue From Ariana Grande To Show Off Their Outfits For Their Canceled Proms

No prom doesn't mean no outfit reveal.

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Thanks to the global coronavirus outbreak, prom season is pretty much canceled.

It's a real bummer for seniors across the land, but obviously getting sweaty on a crowded dance floor is a no-no for social distancing. But that doesn't mean you can't show off that prom in the most glam way possible.

Like, for example, as glam as the glambot that E! used during the Grammys to make every celeb look like an actual god.

Congratulations to Ariana Grande for being Ariana Grande!

That's exactly what Chloe Ledbetter did. The senior from Iowa was supposed to have her prom on April 18, but her school found out recently that it would be canceled.

"It’s kind of depressing," she told BuzzFeed News.

She'd even had the perfect dress picked out.

"I actually got it for my prom last year. I didn’t go last year because my boyfriend ended up breaking up with me right before prom and I was so sad to go because he was already dating another girl," she said.

"I was just going to wear the dress this year but not anymore."

So instead of letting the dress go to waste, she made this TikTok, and it's pretty amazing.


inspo: @junayd.n I spent 6 hours on this, PLEASE tik tok Gods make this go viral!! I’m so proud of it. ##foryoupage ##fyp ##boredathome ##tiktokreviews

♬ Boss Bitch - Doja Cat

To set up her own glambot rig, Ledbetter used a belt, some tape, and a selfie stick, plus some lamps for good lighting. And even though she's just in her room, the results are pretty damn glamorous.

"I also had a fan going too. I was really into it. I was very determined to make it look good," she said.

The video now has more than 112,000 likes, but the guy who inspired her now has millions of likes.

Ledbetter got the idea from Junayd Newman, an 18-year-old in Scotland.

"My prom was meant to be on the 27th of March, and I was really looking forward to it as it was going to be my first ever prom but also my last," he told BuzzFeed News.

He too had a perfect outfit picked out — a burgundy suit to go with the prom's 1920s theme.

"I only found out my prom got canceled one week before we were meant to have it. I felt quite upset about it because everything that makes your last year of school amazing was taken away from us due to the virus outbreak," he said.

But he couldn't let that suit go to waste. He rigged his own glambot and made this.

"I got the belt from a dressing gown and taped it to the ceiling, leaving enough space for it to be able to swing. I then attached my iPhone holder to it and placed my phone onto the setup," he explained.

He took his cue from @stevenyxng, who also re-created the glambot.

Newman's TikTok now has nearly 3 million likes.

"I never thought it would ever blow up to the extent it did," he said. "It only got 500 likes in the first four hours before I went to bed. I was debating to myself whether to delete it because I thought people would be negative toward it even though I liked the video."

The novel coronavirus can take away prom, but it can never take away a good outfit reveal.

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