People Are Taping Random Shit To Their Feet For A Meme

Walk a mile in these pickle jars.

As you may recall, Iggy Azalea released a single back in 2013 called "Work" in which she tells us they didn't have Louboutin shoes where she comes from.

It was a hit, I guess.

Well, the song has finally made itself useful thanks to a TikTok meme.

Basically people are just putting weird shit on their feet.

That's it. That's the meme.

And you know what? It's pretty great.

Q-tips? Why not!

Eggs? Let's get crackin'!

Cake? I'll take two!

Like, look at this. Could this video possibly exist at any other time in history?

Imagine if aliens intercept Earth communication and this is what they get.

Just delightful.

Truly we've peaked as a society.

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