Everyone Is In Love With These Fashionable Women On TikTok

Sorry, but they aren't a couple.

The internet is collectively swooning over a mysterious Chinese woman on TikTok who has more swagger than most of us could ever hope to achieve.

The account belongs to "Loora8888," and her videos feature two very fashionable young women being generally sassy and adorable.

This umbrella moment has been particularly popular.

They're just so charming!

It's the woman with short hair, typically seen on the right, who has completely captured everyone's hearts, especially queer women.

Although there's no indication regarding how she identifies, she has a certain butch swagger that's making some people swoon.

Naturally, people started wondering: Who is she? Many assumed (or hoped, rather) that the two are a couple.

The short-haired woman is now basically known as the hot umbrella woman.

@CassandraWil555 "We all know this lesbian couple" bitch WHERE? need me a top like umbrella hottie

Over on Reddit, the videos were posted to r/ladyladyboners, "A place for lady loving ladies to share the ladies they love."

"Oh god step on me," wrote one person.

People finally tracked down the TikTok account.

ATTENTION LESBIANS!! @JonesAbeni and I found the TikTok account we’ve all been looking for!

It belongs to Loora Wang, a fashion designer based in China who owns a label called Loora PWD. She also has an account on Douyin (the Chinese version of TikTok) that has nearly 2.5 million fans.

Here's her show from the 2019 Shenzhen Fashion Week.

View this video on YouTube


And the two are definitely not a couple.

Wang captioned this recent video with "She is my sister😂" and has started adding a #sister tag to posts.

She also clarified their relationship in a comment.

@draw_gregory @therobotjay @JonesAbeni The eyeroll

Of course, that doesn't mean you can't still have a crush.

thank you twitter for introducing me to Loora Wang, my new #1 crush

Am I legit about to download the whole ass Tik Tok app solely to watch Loora Wang walk past me a buncha times?

Wang doesn't appear to be on any English-language social platforms beyond TikTok, so you'll have to do your admiring there.

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Wang for comment.

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