This Teen Re-Created Her Late Mom's Senior Picture And They're Basically Twins

"It really made me feel closer to her in a way."

This is Kaylee Pirrotta-Rivera, a senior in West Palm Beach, Florida, and she created a stunning tribute to her mother.

With a bit of makeup and some craft store feathers, Pirrotta-Rivera re-created her mother's senior picture. And the resemblance is uncanny.

Pirrotta-Rivera's mom, Lyndsay, died when she was a freshman. Her dad died two years later.

A photo from the shoot, which Pirrotta-Rivera first posted on Instagram, has now gone viral on Twitter.

Recreated moms senior pic. RIP✨

People are getting pretty emotional.

im not crying. YOU'RE crying

Because it's such a sweet tribute to her mom.

@slimkay29 @wordtogloria 1. I would of thought this was you at first glance. 2. Mom was beautiful as fuck. 3. You're beautiful too. 5. I'm just at awe at what I'm looking at. I skipped 4, because it's to much for me.

Just iconic.

@slimkay29 @Kim_Obae ICONIC your mother was so beautiful and you are as well

"I didn’t expect it to go that crazy," said Pirrotta-Rivera.

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