This Teen Had A Crazy Allergic Reaction But She Actually Thinks It's Pretty Hilarious

Twitter jokes kept her company while she was in the hospital.

That photo above is what Amiyah Evans usually looks like.

But thanks to an allergic reaction, this is what the 18-year-old from Clinton, Mississippi, looked like last Saturday.

It all started on Saturday morning when Evans woke up with what she thought was no big deal.

"I had small swelling on my lip, on the right side of my bottom lip. I thought that maybe I had gotten bit by something, or something like that, because it was really small," she told BuzzFeed News.

"It got bigger every hour. It just kept growing and then I went to a clinic around 4:00 when I thought it was getting out of my hand."

The doctor at the clinic gave her Benadryl and a steroid pack and sent her on her way. But it didn't help — her lips just kept on growing.

"I could talk but you could barely understand some things that I was saying," she said.

By 7 p.m., Evens and her family knew it was time to visit a hospital.

And while most people might be freaking out at this point, Evans and her mom and sisters thought this whole thing was drop-dead funny.

shit really funny asf to me bruh 😭😭😭😭 I LOOK SO STUPPIIDDDDDDDDD

And really, what else is there to do but laugh in this sort of situation?

"I didn’t really panic about it at first because my siblings were making fun of me anyway, so I just made a big joke out of it," she said.

@Basedddddd my siblings laughed too.. lmaoo it’s okay.

Evans posted some photos of her predicament to Twitter and the tweet now has more than 160,000 likes.

lesson of the day: stick to what you know. 😂 buy things you always buy.. it doesn’t hurt to try new foods but SHEESH. just pray you don’t look like me in the end.😂😂

She ended up spending a couple of days in the hospital being treated, and the comments from people kept her going.

@Geeegee_4 @NakearaneyDR lmao you can laugh.. I been laughing at myself too 😭 hit me with all the jokes.

She thought all the jokes were hilarious, even if they were at her expense.

@deelishhhh_ @dianathedoll Honey noooo 😭, I hope you get better but I really had to I’m sorry 💀💀

"It’s funny. I'm glad that I can give other people a good laugh about it," she said.

@deelishhhh_ @kaylanegs Nobody: Her:

Evans also kept it going with fresh pics.

my mama wrong for taking this picture of me. 😭😭😂😂

It's still unclear what caused the allergic reaction. Evans said the only thing she ate the night before was ground beef, but it's not clear if that was the culprit.

going home you guys! thanks for all the love & concern❤️ I appreciate all the jokes 😂 y’all really made my stay a lot less boring. 😚

Thankfully, Evans is now on the mend and out of hospital. She still has some swelling in her face, but her lips are back to normal.

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